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Welcome to Tallahassee

The problem with organizations or communities—or parts of communities, or parts of organizations—that don’t want to do the work of self-examination and self-reflection when acts have occurred that damage the public trust… the problem is that they can only then push their energy into a mythology of the present and future that restores to them […]

Jeff VanderMeer’s Hummingbird Salamander tour, appearing with David Duchovny, Lili Taylor, Karen Russell, David Mitchell, Nnedi Okorafor, and More

I’m hitting the virtual road to celebrate the publication of Hummingbird Salamander. There will be great conversations, signed and personalized bookplates (with pre-registration), and exclusive giveaways of HS stationery, t-shirts, and posters. Don’t miss out! The full US book tour line-up is below, with UK and Canadian events too…and you can always find more info and updates […]

Want to Help the Environment? Eight Questions to Get You Started

We face an often bewildering set of environmental challenges–on a local, regional, and global scale. Sometimes that’s enough to freeze you in place and not know where to start. And yet, while no one person can fix the world, everyone can make a difference in some area. After two years of rewilding our yard to […]

Yard Restoration for Wildlife: 10 Do’s and Don’ts

Many people want to know how to help wildlife, whether it’s birds and butterflies–or larger folk, like the raccoon that rang our doorbell at four in the morning. One of the best ways, if you control even a small amount of property, is to manage that property in the best interests of wildlife–which, in turn, […]

2020 VanderMeer Creative Spotlight Award Winners

Ann and Jeff VanderMeer consider it vital, as part of the literary community, to support writers in that community. During these uncertain times it is even more important to recognize talent and reward it for creativity and risk-taking. Every year, the VanderMeer Creative Spotlight Award, consisting of $1,000 and a medallion, will provide an extra […]

The VanderMeer Holiday Gift Guide

It’s been a busy year for us! So this holiday season, we’re blessed with a variety of new releases that make excellent gifts. Just remember to order early to ensure on-time delivery. Thanks for your support. For most of our books, a percentage of royalties go to environmental causes. You’ve helped us make a real […]

St. Marks Wildlife Refuge: Official Area X T-Shirt!

There’s now an official Area X T-shirt, available at the St. Marks Wildlife Refuge visitor’s center here in North Florida. As some of you may know, the refuge is the main influence on the Southern Reach trilogy. All proceeds from T-shirt sales go to helping maintain the lighthouse and the refuge. Thanks to the Friends […]

April Jeff VanderMeer Annihilation/Borne Book Tour

April brings a slew of events, most at universities, as I go on a brief but bracing book tour to celebrate the release of Borne and The Strange Bird in trade paperback, along with the Annihilation movie. All events are free, but some are tickets, so please check out the links if interested. Many of […]

Kristen Roupenian’s “Cat Person” in the New Yorker

Thrilled to see our former Clarion student, Kristen Roupenian has a story in the New Yorker, entitled “Cat Person.” Roupenian’s always been a daring writer and willing to take chances. Her voice, style, and point of view were fully formed well before coming to Clarion. Very glad to see her break through with this piece. […]