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Welcome to Tallahassee: Where Are the Grown-Ass Adults in Local Politics?

by Jeff VanderMeer If you were to write a guide to Tallahassee local politics, you might have to divide it into categories like “Responsible Adults,” “Whiny Children,” and “WTF Was That.” In what has been the most acrimonious and negative campaign cycle in the city’s history, there have been a lot of whiny children and […]

Yard Redesign For Wildlife

Jeff VanderMeer This weekend, I gave a talk on yard rewilding at Native Nurseries here in Tallahassee. Below you’ll find the information from the accompanying hand-out, much of which I mentioned in my talk. This is by no means a comprehensive overview of this kind of project, but may be of use in thinking about […]

Welcome to Tallahassee: I Questioned Special Interests $$$ in Local Elections and a Developer Threatened My Cat

Jeff VanderMeer Despite a series of rants by Grow Tallahassee Chairman Bugra Demirel last weekend, Grow Tallahassee has yet to censure Demirel or apologize on his behalf. Nor has Demirel himself apologized–to me or anyone. Nor have any of Grow Tallahassee’s slate of sponsored candidates spoken up. Nor have the FSU Boosters, who are now […]

Welcome To Tallahassee: Our 2022 Tallahassee / Leon County Voting Guide

Candidate Recommendation Cheat Sheet: Mayor: Kristen Dozier City Commission: Jeremy Matlow (Seat 3), Adner Marcelin or Shelby Green (Seat 5) County Commission: Donna Pearl Cotterell (District 1), Will Crowley (District 2), Josh Johnson (at-large Group 2), Damon Victor (District 3), David O’Keefe (District 5) School Board:  Anthony DeMarco (District 1), Darryl Jones (District 3), Alex […]

The State of VanderWorld in 2022: Movie News, New Fiction, Political Activism, and Baby Raccoons

Please do follow me on twitter, facebook, and instagram for rewilding updates, publishing news, goofiness, and silliness. My twitter and facebook are obvious. My instagram is jeff_vandermeer123. After about two years of pandemic isolation, during which I’ve had a number of books out, it’s about time to start a new chapter on what I’m writing […]

Welcome to Tallahassee

The problem with organizations or communities—or parts of communities, or parts of organizations—that don’t want to do the work of self-examination and self-reflection when acts have occurred that damage the public trust… the problem is that they can only then push their energy into a mythology of the present and future that restores to them […]