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Eco Watch: Robin Wall Kimmerer in Sun Magazine on “Two Ways of Knowing”

(Robin Wall Kimmerer; more info on her faculty page) The Sun Magazine recently published a fascinating interview with Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer, who fuses her formal science background with knowledge from her background as a member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation. Kimmerer is a SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry in […]

What to Do With 30-Plus Years of Papers, Drafts, Correspondence, Projects?

(“Found object” associated with a series of fantasy novels I wrote in my early teens.) One project for this year is to get a handle on 30-plus years of papers, correspondence, rough drafts, and what I would call “project histories.” This includes a lot of material from before email and the internet, which means sometimes […]

Ecology Watch: Harry Saddler, the Eastern Curlew, and Mudflats

(Photo from wikipedia) Recently, I posted a blog entry that was basically about the ways we look past the natural world, past the terrain that’s all around us, and want it to reveal fantastical marvels that it itself contains if we only stop looking elsewhere. From the response to that piece, I’ve decided to periodically […]

Books Read: Giant Kelp, Lost Landscapes, Hot Milk, Theory Fiction, Hares, Bleak Houses, Squirrels, Doomed Futures, and Broken Intertubes

Getting off of social media to work on fiction always also helps me find more reading time. If you missed it, one of my favorite novels of the spring was McKenzie’s The Portable Veblen, which I reviewed for the LA Times. Favorite long read recently was Robert McFarlane’s “Generation Anthropocene“. Here are some recent reads […]

The Big Book of Science Fiction from Vintage: Some Background Info

This July, Vintage will release our The Big Book of Science Fiction–about 800,000 words covering roughly the twentieth century. With more than 105 stories from 29 countries, it’s the most wide-ranging and largest single-volume collection of twenty-century science-fiction stories ever published. You can read some of my prior blog posts about the research at this […]

Global Warming Narratives: The Dangers of Pushing for Early Labeling

Lately, I’ve received considerable pressure from an individual to adopt a particular term to talk about fiction that engages with global warming. I don’t particularly care for the term, but there are plenty of terms I don’t care for or I find limiting and in all cases I respect the freedom of other people to […]

The Anthropocene, Rick Scott, and Malign versus Useful Stories

(Humboldt’s vision of complex, interlocking ecosystems…and the holding pond near my house, where an animal has built a home in the midst of trash, plastic, poor water quality. This animal has no particular rights in this context, nor could this animal be said to be remarkable beyond simply wanting to survive. Given that the world […]

My Incredible, Life-Changing Predictions For 2016!

As we all know, authors make great predictors of the future. Looking at anyone’s twitter or facebook page will prove that the average writer (1) has an opinion and (2) has a brilliant, all-seeing mind. Therefore, it’s important for all peoples that we predict the future. Here are my predictions for 2016. Happy New Year! […]