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Murder by Death Rareties Digital Download Now Available

Murder by Death, which did the awesome soundtrack for Finch (see the sidebar of this blog to play it), is now offering a rareties, demos, and low-fi album of 32 tracks. I’ve downloaded it and am listening to it now–great stuff. In the band’s email announcing the new project, they also note the following: A […]

Someone’s Ghost, Yeah You’re Haunted, But Only By…

I had a hard time getting into The National’s High Violet CD at first, but I can’t get it out of my head now, and can’t stop listening to it. “Anyone’s Ghost” is the one that gets to me the most, I think. “Didn’t want to be your ghost/didn’t want to be anyone’s ghost.” Keeps […]

My Old Friends The Kinks and Richard Thompson: Still Awesome

Okay, so I was bad and splurged today. I went down to Vinyl Fever, where my stepdaughter Erin used to work, and I bought Richard Thompson’s box set Walking on a Wire: 1968-2009 and The Kinks’ Picture Book (from their first record to their last–SIX CDs of amazing music). I basically took out a loan […]

Electric Six and Jarvis Cocker: Bringing the Raunch

I went over to the world’s coolest CD store (even though my daughter Erin no longer works there), Vinyl Fever, and sold some CDs, bought some CDs, and even came out ahead in the cash-flow department. The CDs I bought are, coincidentally, linked by their somewhat raunchy, grind-it-out approach to the music and lyrics. For […]

Music: Living Things, Electric Six, and Dengue Fever

(Yes, E6 is ridiculous…) Last week we went to see Living Things and Electric Six at The Engine Room here in Tallahassee, and then Dengue Fever at the Club Downunder, in the student union. Living Things had a New York Dolls vibe going on in their look, and a hard rock-and-roll sheen to their music […]

Neko Case’s Middle Cyclone

I’m not a huge fan of great voices in music–I’m much more about the lyrics, and if the musician croaks that’s just fine. But Neko Case is one of those performers whose voice hooks me in. I would probably be quite happy hearing her sing the phone book. But she also has killer lyrics, and […]