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Launch Pad, Day Six, Mike Brotherton Leaves Us with a Lecture

To read the rest of my launch pad posts, click here. We spent the morning playing with images in an astronomy program that you can download for free if you, also, would like to spend your morning playing with images — SAOImage DS9. Books: Is Anyone Out There? by Frank Drake and Dava Sobel The […]

Launch Pad, Day Five Catch-up, Kevin Grazier on Extrasolar Planets

To see the rest of my Launch Pad entries, click here. When we talked about planetary formation, we said Jovial planets were far out. But when we started looking around the universe, the first planets we found were Jovial planets near stars. They’re called hot Jupiters. They’re puzzling. We don’t exactly know why they happen. […]

Launch Pad, Day Five, Mike Brotherton on resources about exoplanets

This is one of the fastest changing fields, so you can’t stay up to date from text books. Mike’s online resources on exoplanets, including videos and video lectures To see the rest of my Launch Pad posts, click here. There’s also a website with a list of all the different kinds of planets we’ve found, […]

Launch Pad, Day Four: Mike Brotherton, More on Stars…

To see the rest of my Launch Pad posts, click here. Stephanie came up to me after the last lecture, and we discussed cultural construction of p-prim a little more. I feel more comfortable with her conclusions now; she says she is looking at how often the research pops up in different settings, and is […]

Launch Pad, Day Three: Placeholder

I have a bad cold and checked out of the day’s final lecture from Jim Verley on science education, STEM fields, and science fiction. Genevieve Valentine kindly wrote up some notes which I’ll put online as time permits. I wanted to make sure to rest up because tonight the class is heading up to see […]