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FURTHER UPDATE: Booklife makes Amazon’s Movers and Shakers list!! UPDATE: Booklife’s Amazon ranking is up to around #350. I’m not a big believer in monitoring these rankings on a daily basis, but it strikes me as kinda fun to be within striking distance of the upper tier, so if you were planning on ordering the […]

Booklife Excerpt for a Busy Wednesday

I’m busy on a dozen things this week–Last Drink Bird Head, Booklife ARCs, Shared Worlds business, fall book tour schedule, a book review for B&N, an antho proposal, and a book proposal–so bloggin’ will be light. But I thought I’d give you another Booklife excerpt today. I just got the PDF of John Coulthart’s layout, […]

Neil Gaiman on the Limits of the Reader-Writer Contract

I love this post by Neil Gaiman about entitlement, especially as concerns readers upset that George R.R. Martin hasn’t finished his latest novel in the bestselling series. It ain’t a science, the rate of burn-out is high, and anyone who thinks that just churning out novels is a good idea–either for readers or writers–is full […]

Ruskin Bacon Medley

One extra benefit of the trip to Australia–picked up a biography of John Ruskin. And I came back to find that Claire Connelly had sent me a copy of a bio of Francis Bacon. I’m really looking forward to reading both. (Thanks, Claire!) For full effect, check out the Daily Show this week, which at […]

Australian Book Haul

(A Derek Raymond classic; see my recent piece on Amazon.) Okay, so it’s a small book haul, and most all of it is not Australian. For more on Australian fiction, please check out my various Amazon posts, which include recommendations from the Clarion 2009 students. I am curious about that Kowalski book. Anyone read it? […]

Booklife Cover, and Notes

Here’s the almost-final cover of Booklife: Strategies & Survival Tips for the 21st-Century Writer, art and design by John Coulthart. I’m pleased to note that Juliet Ulman is doing the developmental edit. Thanks also to Ann, who read the manuscript in several iterations and helped me make major changes, as well as Matt Staggs, who […]

Best American Fantasy 2 Update

BAF has survived the economic downturn that has led to some series being canceled and Realms of Fantasy ceasing publication. But I can’t say we survived by much–thus the delay in BAF coming out–so your support is truly appreciated. The book has gone to the printer and will be out in less than a month. […]

Surreal Noir: Something Stirring, Redux

Following up on my prior post, I’m definitely looking forward to this one, which arrived today, perhaps more than any other Mieville novel. It looks to be influenced by Borges, Kafka, and Kubin. I’ll be interested to see how the literalization of the figurative–Borges generally works because he doesn’t have traditional scenes in his fiction—is […]

War of All Against All: Writers vs Editors vs Publicists vs Reviewers vs Readers vs Evil Monkey

(Taken from here.) We’ve discussed The Top Five Things Writers Hate About (Editors) The Top Five Things Editors Hate About (Writers) Now, Evil Monkey has decided it’d be best to just have a cage match of all against all–in a friendly, we’re-all-in-it-together family kinda way. So: writers vs editors editors vs writers writers vs reviewers […]