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2017 Books: Eight Blurbs and an Introduction

I thought I’d provide a round-up of all the 2017 books I’ve blurbed, along with one reprint, Lives of the Monster Dogs, that I’ve written a new introduction for. I’m really enthusiastic about all of these titles, and hopefully there’s a little something for everyone! My blurb in italics before a brief description. – Jeff […]

Nonfiction This Year: Scenes, Weird Florida, Black Clock, Black Mirror, Squirrels, and More

  It’s been quite a year for me writing-wise. I’ve finished a couple of long novellas–“Bliss” and “The Journals of Doctor Mormeck”–made significant progress on two novels and something weird called “Nice Is Just Another World for Terrible,” and I wrote a fair amount of short fiction. This in addition to selling the movie rights […]

Books Read: Giant Kelp, Lost Landscapes, Hot Milk, Theory Fiction, Hares, Bleak Houses, Squirrels, Doomed Futures, and Broken Intertubes

Getting off of social media to work on fiction always also helps me find more reading time. If you missed it, one of my favorite novels of the spring was McKenzie’s The Portable Veblen, which I reviewed for the LA Times. Favorite long read recently was Robert McFarlane’s “Generation Anthropocene“. Here are some recent reads […]

A Summer of Reading, Sardinia, the Warwick Prize, & More

This summer I’m a guest at the Isle of Stories Festival in Sardinia, with an event July 3 (more details here). I’m taking some writing with me–about done with a novella entitled “Bliss” and some short stories. But I’m also taking some books! And what books. Great stuff has come in the door recently. In […]

Flowchart of the Damned: Stephen Graham Jones, Jonathan Wood, Stant Litore

Stephen Graham Jones’s Flowchart of the Damned, depicting the gamut of weird fiction, seems like a fitting visual for this short post alerting you to some interesting new releases. Over at Weird Fiction Review, you’ll also find a new feature about Jones’s story in The Weird–great stuff. First off, Jones has a new story collection […]

Must Read: The Metanatural Adventures of Dr. Black by Brendan Connell

A unique book you definitely should pick up is the rather wonderfully eccentric The Metanatural Adventures of Dr. Black by Brendan Connell. One of these stories appeared in the World Fantasy Award winning Leviathan 3 anthology edited by me and Forrest Aguirre. This is a sumptuous and beautifully designed thick hardcover collecting all of Dr. […]

UK Book Tour: The Important Part, the Books Acquired!

I’ll do a blog post about two weeks spent on the road in the UK doing book and book-like events. But for now, the important thing: The report on the books bought while over there! I think you’ll find some intriguing titles here… –The new Murakami novel is written in a plain style probably reflecting […]

Books Read and in Progess: Smith Henderson, Evie Wyld, and More

So far this year I’ve had a chance to read and review a handful of novels for the NYTBR, LA Times, and the Guardian—here are some links and info, along with, first, my current reading—very excited about everything I’m reading now. CURRENT READING (in progress) Right now, I’m on the road and am reading the […]

Review: All the Birds, Singing by Evie Wyld

I picked up Evie Wyld’s All the Birds, Singing on a whim, because I liked the cover design and the tone of the review quotes on the back. I didn’t know anything about the author, and it wasn’t until I was about three-fourths of the way through that I discovered she’d won a lot of […]

Finnish Weird: It’s the Hot New Thing from the Cold Place

(Oh–there it is. Finnish Weird. Popping up amongst the ‘shrooms.) Finnish Weird now has a fruiting body: a one-off magazine that allows you to sample some of the best examples of this delectably strange Nordic truffle. Download these infectious spores or enjoy them right there online. In addition to iconic Finnish writer Johanna Sinisalo’s editorial, […]