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Photos from Fiji, Romania, and the Backyard…

(Part of the Suva market.) I posted some photo sets on facebook this past week, which you can access through the following links, I believe: Fiji photo set—Our parents were in the Peace Corps and my sister and I spent a substantial portion of our childhood in Fiji. My dad taught chemistry at the University […]

Drawn & Quarterly: Pablo Holmberg, Kevin Huizenga, and Brecht Evans

(OMG–are those mushroom dwellers?!?!?) Thousands of books arrive at our house every year because of the various reviewing gigs like the NYT and Omnivoracious, and because of Ann editing Weird Tales. Some publishers, time and again, become anonymous in that context. The books all look the same, or there’s something about the format that becomes […]

Random Stuff in Our House

(Awwww, cute animals. Awww…erm, actually, there’s something kind of creepy about this image.) Ann: So what’s your blog post called? Random Crap Around the House? Jeff: Yessssss… Ann: [not repeatable] Can you tell there’s a deadline looming? Final work on the Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities. So your Sunday/Monday post is…Random Stuff in My House. That’s […]

Expelling All My Internal Organs: Links and Such

(The awesome Taylor F. Lockwood, fungi expert extraordinaire, from the e-card he sent over the holidays that I don’t think I ever responded to, alas. Check out his latest photos of bioluminescent mushrooms–I think from his latest trip to Brazil.) I often joke that one of my writer defense mechanisms, if cornered at a con […]

The Smell of the Weird: Sniffing Books

In going through our library and acquiring books for our reading for The Weird antho, I’ve noticed once again the smell of books, and in particular the smell of the weird. Herein I disclose Part 1 of my findings, with a relatively small sample. Jean Ray’s Ghouls in My Grave dates from 1965, and thus […]

Weird Loot, Entering the House

(Sleeping cats for a Friday.) First of all, happy birthday to my wonderful wife, Ann!! (Okay, so her birthday is tomorrow, but I’m not online tomorrow.) Second of all, I did an interview with writer and editor Maurice Broaddus on Omnivoracious. I really love this interview–it’s one of my favorites. Go check it out. So…we […]

Kornbluth Cover: Squidalicious

(Cover depicts a character from his insane Mind-Worm story) Okay, is that a cool cover or what? I mean, I look at most of the covers in the SF/F section and I am bored beyond belief. But this? I’d buy that in a second.

The Reading in the Closet

Will Hindmarch is a freelance writer and designer. He also blogs at his home site, The Gist, and his game/story operation, What’s happening here? This is Jeff VanderMeer perched and balanced above his audience during his reading in Manuel’s Tavern’s storage closet in Atlanta on Friday. Why have a reading in a bar? In […]