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Jeff VanderMeer’s Hummingbird Salamander tour, appearing with David Duchovny, Lili Taylor, Karen Russell, David Mitchell, Nnedi Okorafor, and More

I’m hitting the virtual road to celebrate the publication of Hummingbird Salamander. There will be great conversations, signed and personalized bookplates (with pre-registration), and exclusive giveaways of HS stationery, t-shirts, and posters. Don’t miss out! The full US book tour line-up is below, with UK and Canadian events too…and you can always find more info and updates […]

My Novella “The Cage”–Now Available at PodCastle as a Podcast

PodCastle has just posted the podcast reading of my novella “The Cage,” originally published in City of Saints and Madmen and reprinted in at least one year’s best. The story can also be found in The Weird. I first had the idea for “The Cage” at a bar mitzvah party. I saw a strange-looking cage […]

Shriek: We Are Lost–The Church Soundtrack

My 2006 novel Shriek: An Afterword had a soundtrack by the Australian band The Church, and now three of the tracks are on YouTube. I really love what they did with the novel, and the Bannerville one…well, Steve Kilbey did a great job conveying the emotion of that scene—he’s reading from the novel directly. You […]

Photos from Fiji, Romania, and the Backyard…

(Part of the Suva market.) I posted some photo sets on facebook this past week, which you can access through the following links, I believe: Fiji photo set—Our parents were in the Peace Corps and my sister and I spent a substantial portion of our childhood in Fiji. My dad taught chemistry at the University […]

The Mona Lisa: The Full 63-Minute Halo Flick…

The whole 63-minute Halo motion comic flick based on the novella by me and Tessa Kum from Halo: Evolutions. Every gross, bloody, suspenseful, disgusting, fungal, roiling, boil-ridden, scary, violent, scarring, tough-person-dialogue-ridden, crazy-ass Terrorific Scooby-Doo frame of it. With “shore leave” substituted for our “ice cream” and a beat missing from the end…

Shared Worlds SF/F Teen Writing Camp Free Book Frenzy

(Short DIY vid shot by guest writer Ekaterina Sedia) I’ll have much more info and news from this year’s SW teen writing camp, including the reveal of next year’s guest writers, but for now here’s a short informal video shot by guest writer Ekaterina Sedia of some of the students from Shared Worlds browsing for […]