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Jeff VanderMeer’s Hummingbird Salamander tour, appearing with David Duchovny, Lili Taylor, Karen Russell, David Mitchell, Nnedi Okorafor, and More

I’m hitting the virtual road to celebrate the publication of Hummingbird Salamander. There will be great conversations, signed and personalized bookplates (with pre-registration), and exclusive giveaways of HS stationery, t-shirts, and posters. Don’t miss out! The full US book tour line-up is below, with UK and Canadian events too…and you can always find more info and updates […]

How Did You Find It?

Will Hindmarch is a freelance writer, graphic designer, and game designer. He also blogs at Gameplaywright and The Gist. Look for him at Jeff VanderMeer’s reading in Atlanta at 8pm on December 11th at Manuel’s Tavern. How did you find the book you’re reading now? I first found Jeff VanderMeer’s books through this very instrument: […]

Unleash the Grossbarts

S.J. Chambers is an articles editor for Strange Horizons.  Not only has her work appeared in that fine forum, but also, Fantasy, Bookslut, and The Baltimore Sun’s Read Street Blog.  She is also currently working with Jeff as his Master Archivist for The Steampunk Bible. You can find out more about S.J. at […]

There’s Only Fun Left to Be Had

When I was a kid, my parents had a few couples of friends with whom they used to play cards on Saturday evenings. Whether it was bridge night or canasta night, we almost always had someone over for dinner on Saturday. This led me to believe that having guests was somewhat a fatality for my […]

Shriek Limited From Wyrm Publishing

One last post before the next guest blogger–here’s the cover of the limited of Jeff’s Shriek: An Afterword. Complete with printer marks. The design is by John Coulthart. The art is by Ben Templesmith. (Check out a larger version here.) John also designed the interior. It will come with some short additional material in the […]

On Conrad and books I like to read again now and then

Right here on this blog, last week, Michelle Richmond wrote about those wonderful books that: “we read over and over again, books that call to us repeatedly over the years. And despite the fact that we think we know the story backwards and front, we crack the spine once more, because we know that we’ll […]