What to Binge-Watch This Holiday Season: The Gritty and the Even Grittier

If you’re like me and like gritty, complex crime and mystery dramas, you’re in luck. My wife Ann and I have recently binge-watched a number of dark, layered, sometimes over-the-top series. Check these out if you haven’t already. I should also mention the Icelandic movie I Remember You–a supernatural thriller currently showing on cable (under […]

My Fiction This Year: Borne, Strange Bird, Trump Land, Monsters

(art for “this world is full of monsters” by armando veve) It’s been a busy year for me fiction-wise–here’s everything I had out in 2017 in terms of original fiction. Most all of it deals in some guise with human-nonhuman interactions and the consequences of not reaching some new accommodation with our environment, one that […]

Novel Sale: Hummingbird Salamander in a Major Deal to MCD/FSG!

(Image by Cristo Vlahos) I’m thrilled to announce I’ve sold my next adult novel, Hummingbird Salamander, to Sean McDonald at Farrar, Straus and Giroux’s MCD imprint. Along with a new short story collection. I’m really happy to be back with FSG, who’ve been a dream to work with. Some info about the novel below. Thanks […]

Thanks, Indie Bookstores: From Borne (and Mord)

I’m soon to depart the internet for a quiet few months working on the next novel. But I wanted to thank indie bookstores again for their massive support for my novel Borne. I had such an amazing time visiting so many bookstores and just like last time, for the Southern Reach book tour, I filed […]

A Toronto Trifecta: VanderMeer Events with John Irving, Rupi Kaur, and More!

In addition to a great event with Manuel Gonzales at the Decatur Book Festival this Saturday, I’m doing three amazing events in Toronto next week, details below. Sept. 3, Sunday, 3pm: Fan Expo Canada Annihilation book-to-film presentation as well as discussion of my novel Borne with Sam Maggs. Sept. 5, Tuesday, 7pm: Toronto Public Library […]

The Strange Bird Enters the World: New Borne Fiction

(“The Strange Bird is…ingenious, provocative, and deeply moving.” – DePaul’s Environmental Critique blog) My novel Borne has been selling briskly based on the kindness of reader word-of-mouth, hand-selling by bookstores, and continued critical acclaim. I’m happy a novel with a giant flying bear in it has captured so many people’s imaginations. Recently, Borne even popped […]

WorldCon In Helsinki: VanderMeer Schedule (in which Jeff dresses as a bear)

(None of these bear parts are real, not to worry, but Jeff is dressing up for his Friday panel) Ann and I are headed off to WorldCon 75 in Helsinki, which promises to be a riotous and lovely affair. Due to the size of WorldCon and the logistics of traversing it–and the weariness of traversing […]

Five Daughters of the Moon: An Interview with Leena Likitalo

I first met Leena Likitalo in Finland several years ago. I was impressed by her talent and her clear vision about her career. Fast-forward to today, and Likitalo has her first book out in English: The Five Daughters of the Moon. It’s a lush and luminous debut, energetic and sure-footed. You can find more information here. […]

Carolinas Borne Summer Tour

This summer I’m in the Carolinas, helping run the Shared Worlds teen SF/F writing camp and also doing a few Borne bookstore events. This should be a lot of fun–and I hope to see you at some of these events! You can also catch me on North Carolina public radio July 18th. Borne has gotten […]