St. Marks Wildlife Refuge: Official Area X T-Shirt!

There’s now an official Area X T-shirt, available at the St. Marks Wildlife Refuge visitor’s center here in North Florida. As some of you may know, the refuge is the main influence on the Southern Reach trilogy. All proceeds from T-shirt sales go to helping maintain the lighthouse and the refuge. Thanks to the Friends […]

April Jeff VanderMeer Annihilation/Borne Book Tour

April brings a slew of events, most at universities, as I go on a brief but bracing book tour to celebrate the release of Borne and The Strange Bird in trade paperback, along with the Annihilation movie. All events are free, but some are tickets, so please check out the links if interested. Many of […]

Thoughts on the Writing Process: Optimal Conditions and Tips

(Detail from Theo Ellsworth’s contribution to the expanded edition of my Wonderbook, out in July) I just completed my ninth novel, the first volume in the Adventures of Jonathan Lambshead series, working title “I am Squishy” (that will change, I’m sure). I’m also working on the tenth novel of my career, Hummingbird Salamander. This doesn’t […]

Kristen Roupenian’s “Cat Person” in the New Yorker

Thrilled to see our former Clarion student, Kristen Roupenian has a story in the New Yorker, entitled “Cat Person.” Roupenian’s always been a daring writer and willing to take chances. Her voice, style, and point of view were fully formed well before coming to Clarion. Very glad to see her break through with this piece. […]

What to Binge-Watch This Holiday Season: The Gritty and the Even Grittier

If you’re like me and like gritty, complex crime and mystery dramas, you’re in luck. My wife Ann and I have recently binge-watched a number of dark, layered, sometimes over-the-top series. Check these out if you haven’t already. I should also mention the Icelandic movie I Remember You–a supernatural thriller currently showing on cable (under […]

My Fiction This Year: Borne, Strange Bird, Trump Land, Monsters

(art for “this world is full of monsters” by armando veve) It’s been a busy year for me fiction-wise–here’s everything I had out in 2017 in terms of original fiction. Most all of it deals in some guise with human-nonhuman interactions and the consequences of not reaching some new accommodation with our environment, one that […]

Novel Sale: Hummingbird Salamander in a Major Deal to MCD/FSG!

(Image by Cristo Vlahos) I’m thrilled to announce I’ve sold my next adult novel, Hummingbird Salamander, to Sean McDonald at Farrar, Straus and Giroux’s MCD imprint. Along with a new short story collection. I’m really happy to be back with FSG, who’ve been a dream to work with. Some info about the novel below. Thanks […]

Thanks, Indie Bookstores: From Borne (and Mord)

I’m soon to depart the internet for a quiet few months working on the next novel. But I wanted to thank indie bookstores again for their massive support for my novel Borne. I had such an amazing time visiting so many bookstores and just like last time, for the Southern Reach book tour, I filed […]

A Toronto Trifecta: VanderMeer Events with John Irving, Rupi Kaur, and More!

In addition to a great event with Manuel Gonzales at the Decatur Book Festival this Saturday, I’m doing three amazing events in Toronto next week, details below. Sept. 3, Sunday, 3pm: Fan Expo Canada Annihilation book-to-film presentation as well as discussion of my novel Borne with Sam Maggs. Sept. 5, Tuesday, 7pm: Toronto Public Library […]

The Strange Bird Enters the World: New Borne Fiction

(“The Strange Bird is…ingenious, provocative, and deeply moving.” – DePaul’s Environmental Critique blog) My novel Borne has been selling briskly based on the kindness of reader word-of-mouth, hand-selling by bookstores, and continued critical acclaim. I’m happy a novel with a giant flying bear in it has captured so many people’s imaginations. Recently, Borne even popped […]