Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way for readers to reach you?

By using the feedback form, or by snail mail at POB 38190, Tallahassee, FL 32315. I personally read all incoming email generated by the feedback form.

Who is your agent?

For queries regarding foreign rights or reprint rights, please query Jeff’s agent, Sally Harding, at CookeMcDermid Literary Management.

Do you enjoy getting email and snail mail from readers?

Absolutely. I love to get mail, so if you liked the books, please do contact me.

Can aspiring writers send you their manuscript?

Although I do sometimes blurb forthcoming books, I unfortunately cannot read book manuscripts at this time.

How do I get signed, personalized copies of your books?

You can order them through my local bookstore, Midtown Reader. I visit periodically to sign and personalize all orders.

Since you post a lot about plants and nature, do you have any advice for people who want to re-wild their own yard?

It’s important to realize that all herbicides, pesticides, and chemical, store-bought fertilizer kill organisms in your yard that you don’t intend to kill. For example, fireflies live in the ground the first two years of their lives. Also, raking up dead leaves kills countless moths and butterflies plus the creatures that live in the thin layer of leaves. Use of native plants and understanding the balance in your yard should mean you don’t have to use these harmful products or engage in harmful activities.

My best advice is to consult a native nursery in your area or an online expert in native plants familiar with your area. Most garden centers and regular nurseries do not provide proper advice. A native nursery will know what’s best for your area. Without native plants, birds and animals have no food. You can find more general information and my tips for re-wilding in this Guardian article.

Can you tell us more about the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, inspiration for the Area X trilogy?

It’s an amazing place and the refuge’s online store sells an Area X t-shirt (ships internationally) to help fund things like their endangered salamander project. But maybe it’s better to see the place for yourself, via this brief video.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

If you really love writing, never stop. Endurance, resolve, and a commitment to put in the hard work of practice, practice, practice can carry you very far. Also, a commitment to exercise will carry you through rough patches, or some kind of physical activity that energizes you and gets you out of your head. Otherwise, most of my advice can be found in my books Wonderbook and Booklife. The Wonderbook website is free to use as well.