The VanderMeer Holiday Gift Guide

It’s been a busy year for us! So this holiday season, we’re blessed with a variety of new releases that make excellent gifts. Just remember to order early to ensure on-time delivery. Thanks for your support. For most of our books, a percentage of royalties go to environmental causes. You’ve helped us make a real difference in the world.

If you’d like a personalized copy, please order from Midtown Reader. They ship all over the world. If your country isn’t on the list, just email them at for shipping details. Even though special offer details are not specifically listed on their site, the following books do come with extras like stickers or illustration booklets: A Peculiar Peril, Ambergris, Dead Astronauts. We also have ink stamps particular to each book that we will add to the personalization.

Also, don’t forget that you can order our Jesse Bun line of merchandise, all proceeds going to our regional wildlife rescue organization. And if you want to support the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, inspiration for Annihilation, you can order an Area X t-shirt, sweat shirt, or tote bag. St. Marks also ships all over the world and has friendly and personal service.

We appreciate your support and patronage. We also appreciate how many of our readers follow us on social media. You’ve made this year much better for us with your wonderful sense of play and your passion for the written word.

Much Love,
Ann & Jeff VanderMeer

For the Lover of Fantasy Misadventures

A Peculiar Peril book cover
A Peculiar Peril

A Peculiar Peril chronicles the increasingly fraught quest of Jonathan Lambshead to retrieve a magical Golden Sphere that doesn’t want to be caught. With Aleister Crowley and others in hot pursuit across an transformed Europe on the alt-Earth of Aurora, you’re liable to run into a variety of odd and yet endearing characters. Whether it be amphibious Kafka, Ruthless the monster with the limitless pouch, or the giant marmots foretold of in old books of magic, A Peculiar Peril is a good-natured, exciting romp for adults and children of all ages.

“Equal parts The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, Matt Groening’s Futurama, Mary Poppins (or is it Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?), Curse of Chucky, Alice in Wonderland, and David Lynch’s hallucinatory adaptation of Dune. It is, in sum, a heck of a lot of fun.”

The New York Times

For The Short Story Afficionado

The Big Book of Classic Fantasy and The Big Book of Modern Fantasy constitute an unparalleled achievement: a million words of fantasy fiction, showing the depth and breadth of the genre over the past 200 years. This two-volume set includes never-before-seen translations into English, forgotten gems, and iconic stories from long-time favorites. The ultimate gift for the short story lover in your life. The Big Book of Classic Fantasy was a finalist for the World Fantasy, Locus, and British Fantasy awards.

“A must-have!”

Publishers Weekly

“Judicious selectivity, fine taste, and rigorous sense of inclusiveness.”


For that Immersive Century-Spanning Reading Experience


Return to the iconic setting, the imaginary city of Ambergris, with its secrets, intrigue, odd festivals, and eccentric characters. The cult classic that started it all, now in one amazing, collectible hardcover edition. What is The Silence and why does it so haunt the city? What is happening in the underground? Will a war between publishing houses hold the key to Ambergris’ survival? What do squid and fungi have to do with it. By turns a sprawling dysfunctional family chronicle, chilling historical mystery, and noir fantasy, Ambergris contains a cast of thousands and the answers to all things…

“Ambergris is one of my favourite haunts in fiction.”

— China Miéville

“Fiction to stand alongside that of Borges and Calvino.”

The Guardian

For the Environmentalist and Lover of Poetic Prose

Dead Astronauts
Dead Astronauts

Dead Astronauts is a kaleidoscopic, epic narrative chronicling the attempts of three deeply damaged characters to overthrow the Company destroying the Earth across all the timelines. An exploration of the inhuman and the non-human, and the ways we try to fight for a better world. Meet a cosmic blue fox, a woman made of moss, a dark bird bringing vengeance, and a huge goliath of a fish—in a city torn apart by war and climate change, but still soldiering on. A finalist for the Locus Award and the Neukom Award. Available in both hardcover and trade paperback. For the limited edition, click here.

“Profoundly emotional—a new narrative form.”


“Vivid and genuinely moving.”

Entertainment Weekly

For Fans of The X-Files and the Annihilation Movie from Paramount

Area X book cover
Area X

Area X collects all three NYT-bestselling Southern Reach novels in the preferred author’s versions. A mind-bending exploration of human and alien motivation, centered around a secret agency’s exploration of the odd events occurring behind an invisible wall in a remote part of North Florida. Awe-inspiring, terrifying, and now lovingly presented in this beautiful hardcover that forms a matching set design-wise with Ambergris.

“I always quite liked working in the Southern Reach. Me and the mouse. Until I didn’t.”

— Whitby