April Jeff VanderMeer Annihilation/Borne Book Tour

April brings a slew of events, most at universities, as I go on a brief but bracing book tour to celebrate the release of Borne and The Strange Bird in trade paperback, along with the Annihilation movie. All events are free, but some are tickets, so please check out the links if interested. Many of the university visits also include meeting with students, which I’m very much looking forward to. Hope to see a lot of you on the road. Don’t hesitate to come up and say hi–and I always love signing books, in any situation. So don’t be shy. All events are open to the public unless otherwise noted.

April 5 (Thurs), 6pm, Alpha Chi Honor Society, Portland Oregon
“This Green Earth” keynote speech for the Alpha Chi Honor Society conference followed by Q&A and book signing. (Only open to conference attendees/Alpha Chi members).

April 9 (Mon), 5:30pm, Texas A&M, College Station Texas, Rudder Theater
“Annihilation Book to Film: Narrative Choices and Reader Response.” An in-depth exploration of the responses to the Southern Reach trilogy, including fan art and writings and even living alphabets, along with a semi-comic account of one author’s viewing from afar of the movie-making process. With exclusive behind-the-scenes images. A highly visual treat for the senses. Now with bears.

April 10 (Tues), 6:30pm, University of Houston, Fine Arts Building, Room 110
Against All Suns lecture series: “Space, Power, Fiction, and Temporality in the Southern Reach Trilogy.” For the University of Houston art department. Books will not be sold at this event, but I will sign any books you bring.

April 12 (Thurs), 3:30pm, Houston, Rice University Cultures of Energy Conference, Lovett Hall, Founder’s Room
Keynote Panel “The Work of Alternate Worlds,” in conversation with Ganzeer and Cymene Howe. Moderated by Caroline Levander. Followed by a reception at 5pm.

April 14 (Sat), 4pm, Word of South Festival, Tallahassee, Florida, Cascades Park (the Edison)
Readings from Borne and The Strange Bird plus a presentation including two raptors provided by St. Francis Wildlife Rescue and Q&A with Ann VanderMeer, followed by a book signing.

April 16 (Mon), 7pm, Austin, Univ. of Texas at Austin, Joynes Reading Room
Reading from Borne and Strange Bird plus some squid anecdotes. Books not being sold at the event, but will sign any you bring.

April 18 (Wed), 7pm, New York, Columbia University, Room 401, Dodge Hall
A lecture on creative writing at Columbia (2960 Broadway) in the series curated by Ben Marcus, in part on the topic of hauntings in fiction and unusual uses of structure. When is structure a construct for the writer’s benefit only—and what is this benefit? How can you find the level at which analysis of narrative structure is of use to other writers? What is organic and what can be mechanical about the art and craft of fiction? What kinds of hauntings in fiction go beyond the uncanny and how are these effects achieved?

April 19 (Thurs), 6:30pm, New York Society Library, Member’s Room (advance registration required)
Participant in panel discussion “Strange Reality: The Art and Activism of Transitional Environments, with Zaria Forman, Gleb Raygorodetsky, and Victoria Tauli-Corpuz. Climate change is no longer a mere possibility—it’s already happening. Glaciers are melting, animal and plant populations are failing, and agricultural practices no longer prevent famine. Around the world, scientists, artists, and activists are addressing climate change in media from nonfiction books to documentary films to live theater. This series brings together writers, journalists, and artists in robust discussion on how they address climate change—and why their work is important in the Anthropocene Era.

April 20 (Fri), 3pm, New York, The Strand bookstore
I will be signing stock at The Strand at 3pm for about 45 minutes to an hour, for a live facebook event. This is NOT a public in-store event, BUT if you see me in the bookstore before 3 or after I finish signing stock, I will of course sign your book totally on an ad hoc informal basis.

April 25 (Wed), 7pm, Notre Dame University, Eck Center Auditorium
Reading from Borne and Strange Bird plus some squid anecdotes. Followed by book signing.

April 26 (Thurs), 7pm, Notre Dame University, Debartelo Performing Arts Center (The Browning)
A screening of Annihilation prefaced by my book-to-film talk (with visuals), with Q&A after.

April 27 (Fri), 5:30pm, Northwestern University, Harris Hall 107
“Area X: Environmental Storytelling in the Age of Trump and the Anthropocene.” An exploration with visuals on the difficulties and the importance of telling stories about the environment during the Anthropocene and in the wake of the 2016 presidential election. In terms ranging from political to personal, this talk includes topics like redefining dystopia and the need for new narrative approaches to climate change.

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  1. Bookwyrm says:

    I have a student going to Alpha Chi.

    I have never been so jealous of a student in all my life.

  2. Robert Evan Allen Wood says:

    WOW, I just saw this the day after the Portland date. That day, I had just returned to Portland from a long trip where I listened to Annihilation! Eerie coincidence. Shame to have missed this!

  3. Bridget Byrne says:

    Looking forward to Tallahassee, thank you for your thought provoking and majestic trilogy, excited to explore more.

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