Kristen Roupenian’s “Cat Person” in the New Yorker

Thrilled to see our former Clarion student, Kristen Roupenian has a story in the New Yorker, entitled “Cat Person.” Roupenian’s always been a daring writer and willing to take chances. Her voice, style, and point of view were fully formed well before coming to Clarion. Very glad to see her break through with this piece.

And, as you may have already seen, the story’s created some controversy online. Here are links to a couple of articles on the subject. The New Yorker and New York Times both interviewed her, as well.

We published her story “The Rainbow” over at Weird Fiction Review back in 2015–about a cruise gone wrong.



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  1. dmf says:

    Jeff you might be interested in this lecture by Tim Morton’s colleague Claire Colebrook on art and post-apoc culture:
    cheers, dirk

  2. Thank you, very much. Your prose is extraordinary, Jeff. Borne is a masterpiece.

    My review of Borne

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