2016-2017 Trias Writer-in Residence: Hobart and William Smith Colleges

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve accepted a very generous offer from Hobart & William Smith Colleges in upstate New York to be their 2016-2017 Trias Writer-in-Residence. I’ll teach one class in the fall of next year and come back a few times in the spring of 2017 to work with a few select students. This residency has additional interest for me because I get to help curate a reading series, be of use in the community, and hopefully liaison for some interdisciplinary project involving the environment.

“The Peter Trias Residency at Hobart and William Smith Colleges is designed to give distinguished poets and fiction writers time to write. Academic expectations allow for sustained interaction with our best students while providing the freedom necessary to produce new work. Residents are active, working artists whose presence contributes to intellectual environment of the Colleges and the town of Geneva.”

I’m very excited about using some of the more advanced material in my writing guide Wonderbook as a jumping off point for discussion and creating a reading list for the class. My wife Ann VanderMeer, an award-winning editor, will be coming with me for the fall semester, although she’ll be working on her own projects.

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One comment on “2016-2017 Trias Writer-in Residence: Hobart and William Smith Colleges

  1. Linda says:

    Jeff, I’m excited for you and possibly my daughter. She’s at Hobart! I took your 3-day class last year at the Miami-Dade College’s International Book Fair. I felt like I was on a Tahiti vacation — or was it Tallahassee? Yes, I know, you love Tally. Anyway I digress. What I mean to say is — your teaching style made me laugh, think, write, and feel a sense of power. I rushed out (ok I went to Amazon) and got your creative writing book. It’s beautiful. While the magic wore off once my job stress and lack of writing skill surfaced, I still remember those three days fondly! If you get a chance, please let me know who you will be willing to admit to your course. I’d love for my daughter to experience a great creative writing teacher.

    All my best, Linda

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