Wonderbook Workshop at the Yale Writers’ Conference This Summer

This summer, Ann and I will teach a Wonderbook workshop at the Yale Writers’ Conference (Faculty Session II). Ostensibly it’s for science fiction and fantasy, but really just literature of the imagination in general. In other words, even if you have a manuscript that’s not fantastical in some way, we wouldn’t mind seeing you there. The manuscript is only one component in our unique approach.

The workshop will use writing exercises, lecture, and discussion. Critique will largely occur before the sessions and any manuscript analysis be conducted in the one-on-one sessions after each morning session. During the workshop, you will use your manuscript as the catalyst or jumping off point for some of the exercises. The process will give you new insight into characterization, structure, and scenes–in the context of your own work. FOR OUR CRITIQUE, YOU MUST TURN IN YOUR MANUSCRIPT BY JUNE 1.

Participants will need to acquire Wonderbook and will need to be willing to write longhand in class. You’ll also have access to materials and images that weren’t included in Wonderbook. And we’ll field any and all writing questions the last day and in one-on-one sessions.

If you’re not familiar with Wonderbook, it’s the world’s first fully illustrated creative writing guide–you can find out more at the web site.

Together, Ann VanderMeer and I have over 60 years of teaching experience. We believe strongly in understanding what you’re trying to do with your writing and helping you achieve what you want to achieve. (Rather than pushing one particular approach.) You’ll also have my view as a writer and Ann’s as an award-winning editor. And, it’s fun!