Book Release Day: Julia Elliott’s Sublime The Wilds

The Wilds

Julia Elliott’s phenomenal first short story collection is out this week and I hope you will buy it. I hope you will buy copies for your friends. The Wilds is wonderful in every way. The stories range from mainstream realism and magic realism to surreal science fiction—all unique, all demonstrating Elliott’s wonderful ability to see the absurdity and seriousness of life in equal measure. In a tie with Laura Van den Berg’s The Isle of Youth, it’s my favorite collection of the year.

Here’s an interview I did with Elliott for the Tin House blog (excerpt below). Go read it. Go buy the book.

Jeff VanderMeer: What do texture and tone mean to you when writing a short story? And do you have to get them right before you can finish a rough draft?

Julia Elliott: As a hedonistic texturist, my initial impulse is to cram every particle of a story with texture and tone, so that each and every sentence bursts with perfumed, purple language like an overripe fig—an oozing, fermenting, parasite-infested mess of a fig. When I return to early stories, I’m struck by the electric, visceral moods that end up going nowhere—especially plot-wise. Although I’m now more ruthless about gagging and straight-jacketing the bad poet within, I don’t feel at home in a narrative unless I’ve created a palpable texture that I can inhabit as I work out character motivations and plot, elements that occur less instinctively for me.

3 comments on “Book Release Day: Julia Elliott’s Sublime The Wilds

  1. Sam M-B says:

    Been excited about this one for a while. She’s coming to Quail Ridge Books on Dec 5, and other places before/after (duh).

    (One nitpick thing which you likely don’t control, is that the TH blog’s link to the book goes to a 404 Not Found, because the “coming-soon” URL doesn’t work anymore.)

  2. Bill says:

    The most exciting release of the season, as far as I’m concerned! One correction, though: Elliott will read at the Regulator on 12/5, rather than QRB. It’s going to be a great event!

  3. Sam M-B says:

    Thanks for the correction, I get wires crossed like that in my head ALL the time.

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