The Time Traveler’s Almanac: Update and Open Reading Period

As mentioned earlier, Ann and I have sold The Time Traveler’s Almanac to Nic Cheetham at Head of Zeus (a new commercial UK publisher; US publisher yet to be announced). It’s going to be a 600,000-word anthology covering about 100 years of time travel fiction. Also included will be illustrations and some fanciful nonfiction about time travel. We’re excited because many of the stories we want to use have, oddly enough, never been reprinted in a time travel anthology before. We also believe this will be one of the largest time travel anthologies ever published. (Sick of the words “time travel” yet?) Publication is scheduled for next year.

Although the space for unsolicited reprints will be small, we are committed to having an open reading period for The Time Traveler’s Almanac. The reading period will occur sometime after the World Fantasy convention, so most likely November 15 through the end of the year. (Watch this space.) It will be for reprints only.

12 comments on “The Time Traveler’s Almanac: Update and Open Reading Period

  1. Adam-Troy Castro says:

    Hey, guys: hope all is well. I just recently published my one and only time travel story, on Lightspeed. It’s gotten some raves. “My Wife Hates Time Travel.”

  2. Adam-Troy Castro says:

    Ooh, I thought that was email. My bad.

  3. No worries, Adam–and JJA’s been kind enough to give us links to all of the LS ones.

  4. Duncan Lunan says:

    Definitely interested! In April Gary Gibson’s Brain in a Jar published a Kindle collection of my time-travel stories, from Analog, Asimov’s and ‘There Will be War’, plus three previously unpublished, so any of them could be available for reprint.

    Hope it all goes well,

  5. Duncan–look forward to reading them.

  6. Rhys Hughes says:

    I recommend John Crowley’s Great Work of Time as perhaps the finest time travel story I’ve ever read, though it has been anthologised once (in a Penguin Brian Aldiss SF anthology) but it’s rather long, a novella in fact. You’re probably already aware of it, but I thought I’d mention it just in case. Also there’s a clever John Sladek story called ‘The Steam-Driven Boy’ that deserves a reprint. I’m sure Barrington Bayley has written some viable time travel short stories (his novels dealing with time are mindblowing). Don’t forget ‘The Small Stones of Tu Fu’ by Brian Aldiss. And a very interesting Swiftian satire called ‘A Two Timer’ by David I Masson.

  7. John gribbin says:

    Will you inc,use lyn Murray the best is yet to be? It was the inspiration for the time traveller’s wife.

  8. Felix Gilman says:

    if you were going to publish a time travel anthology in the future surely we would already know about it because of all the copies that were already available in the past

  9. Felix Gilman says:

    something doesn’t add up here

  10. Steve Bein says:

    My time-travel short story, “The Most Important Thing in the World,” got an honorable mention for best SF of 2012 from Gardner Dozois, and also some attention from a Hollywood producer. I’d love to submit it; would you please tell me how?

  11. I’m interested! Although my time travel story was in Escape Pod and is therefore still archived online … would it be eligible?

  12. jeff vandermeer says:

    Yes it’d be eligible. Guidelines soon. Our reading period will be Jan. 15 to Feb. 28.

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