The Steampunk Bible: A 2012 Hugo Award Finalist!

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S.J. Chambers and I are thrilled that our The Steampunk Bible is up for a Hugo Award in the best related work category. The book contains over 200 full-color images and about 60,000 words of text exploring all aspects of this retro-futurist impulse. We’re thrilled about the honor in large part because The Steampunk Bible represents the work of hundreds of creators, represented through images or quotes and references in the chapters. Many, many thanks to everyone who was kind enough to share their creativity and opinions with us. Special thanks to Jake von Slatt of the Steampunk Workshop, who went above and beyond, as well as Matt Staggs and Leslie Henkel (you guys know why).

Check out the full ballot via my report for Omnivoracious–congrats to all. You’ll be able to vote soon, and we hope you’ll consider voting for The Steampunk Bible.

Below you’ll find the grand finale of my and SJ’s celebration last night (Ann took the photos).

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5 comments on “The Steampunk Bible: A 2012 Hugo Award Finalist!

  1. Marian says:


  2. I was so happy to see this on the ballot.

  3. Todd Vandemark says:

    Gorgeous work. Well deserved.

  4. Congrats, its a beautiful book

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