My List of the Best 2011 SF/Fantasy on Locus Online

Locus Online just posted my best-of-2011 choices. I hate doing these lists on the one hand—it’s harder and harder for me to say “this book over this book”–but on the other hand I keep having read widely enough to be of use in creating one.

So, check it out. I hope you find it of use. And if you don’t, I encourage you to make your own list. Cheers.

3 comments on “My List of the Best 2011 SF/Fantasy on Locus Online

  1. Sam M-B says:

    Was going to comment here, but then I see that you specifically encouraged suggesting our own best reads over on Locus Online. Summary: your year-end lists tend to guide my reading when it comes to the books I skipped in the year, and this looks to be no different.

  2. Paul Jessup says:

    Have you had a chance to read How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive by Christopher Boucher yet? It’s another book (like Cisco’s) the forces the reader to completely approach the book in the writer’s own terms. At first it feels like there are metaphors in his language, but after awhile of reading you can’t surmise that at all, or what the metaphors are, or what they could be. Instead you have to re-calibrate how you read any novel just to read it, change the way you approach language and visualizing the reality of the world in the text and just kind of be swept away into the surreal approach to reality, fiction, memory and language.

    Really damn good, really damned weird.

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