Story and Novel VanderMeer Critique Service: Now With Gift Wrap!

The VanderMeer Critique Service
(This image of the editor at a burnt-out desk in a quarry may not accurately portray his critique style…)

I’m extending my critique service for a bit. Just email me at vanderworld at for details. In addition to my writing career, I have 25 years of experience as an editor and have won several awards for it, including the World Fantasy Award. I’ve also taught workshops all over the world, worked for publishers, run a publishing company, been an agent, etc. Stories, novellas, and novels in just about every category (no Westerns) welcome. The unique rate system and form-fitting approach to your particular manuscript are meant to give the most useful feedback.

You can also now buy a critique for the writer in your life–for no extra charge I will send a hand-written card, illustrated, with certificate for critique. A few people have asked for this, and it’s gone over well, so I’ve decided to offer it publicly.

As you may know, we fund a lot of fiction translations and other efforts with a risky rate of return. Critique work helps to offset the risk. Thanks!

5 comments on “Story and Novel VanderMeer Critique Service: Now With Gift Wrap!

  1. Honestly, I would only accept a critique from you if it came with the threat of a beating with a lead pipe from a burnt-out desk in a quarry. Would that cost extra? How about pictures of you burning my manuscript and assaulting the ashes with your mighty Pipe-Length of Aestheticism (heh) and your sharp Rock of Dialectic?

    And if no, would you mind me starting this absolutely necessary lack in literary critique style?

  2. J. T. Glover says:

    I used the VanderMeer Critique Service, and the rash disappeared almost immediately! By “rash,” of course, I mean the rash of poorly-considered narrative choices, plot devices, and flimsy characters. Jeff offered thoughtful commentary that’s proven its value time and again. Would buy again A++++++.

  3. Jordan Cohen says:

    Hello Jeff,

    I am wondering if you are still offering this service, and if so at what price.


  4. Jeff VanderMeer says:

    I’m afraid I’m booked solid writing novels the next two years at least, but I do highly recommend this critiquer. She is also one of my first readers and has been for ages:

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