The Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities: The Tell-All Slideshow

io9 has kindly posted our slideshow with text describing some of the back-stories behind the Lambshead Cabinet anthology. Go check it out! Please spread the joy.

Here’s an excerpt:

“On our first visit to Prague, we wanted to meet the famous Czech filmmaker Jan Svankmajer, known for his stop-gap animation version of “Alice in Wonderland,” among others. We managed to track the filmmaker down to his closed Gambra gallery, but even with repeated banging on the door he would not come out. So we shoved a copy of one of our anthologies, with a note and email address, inside of a cracked window pane. We realized later that this might not be as legitimate and trust-invoking method of communication as we had thought at the time. (Here’s one of us posing in front of the gallery.)”

2 comments on “The Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities: The Tell-All Slideshow

  1. banzai cat says:

    just want to mention that in vienna’s museum quarter, they’re having side-by-side exhibits of salvador dali and jan svankmajer. really cool stuff in svankmajer’s exhibit, though when i saw the poster to his exhibit, the first thought i had was: is jeff vandermeer in town?

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