Talented Romanian Writer Marian Coman: Now Available in English on Kindle!


“When it comes to the Romania writers the one name that impressed me lately and that comes immediately into my mind because of this fact is Marian Coman.” (The Dark Wolf Fantasy Review)

As exemplified by World Fantasy Award winner Zoran Zivkovic and other writers, one way to a larger audience is by finding a way to self-publish your work in English and use that beachhead as a way to get more attention, find an English-language publisher, and then dive back into non-English publication when editors at Spanish, Italian, and other publishing houses read your work in English.

Now the talented Romanian writer Marian Coman has taken the bull by the horns, found a translator, and published a short e-book collection via Kindle: Fingers and other fantastic stories.

It has a great cover, and it’s inexpensive. Go forth and buy.

Also, Coman is looking for signal boost for his book. You can contact Coman via facebook or via his email: marian.coman @ obiectivbr.ro if you’re interested in interviewing him or doing a review or mention and need more information.

Coman is a noted Romanian novelist and journalist. He is the editor of the daily lens – Voice Braila. He has two critically acclaimed collections of stories published in Romania, and he won a prize from the European SF Society. Work has also appeared in several publications, including the 2007 Millenium Est anthology edited by Horia Ursu and myself, which presented Romanian writers in French translation at the Utopiales convention.

We were lucky enough to meet Marian in Bucharest a few years back—very interesting guy with good taste in fiction.

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8 comments on “Talented Romanian Writer Marian Coman: Now Available in English on Kindle!

  1. Larry says:

    Mihai made me aware of Marian’s collection a week or so ago and I have to say the stories were quite good. Only downside was the shortness of the mini-collection, but one gets only so much for $0.99, I suppose. Might write something more in-depth at my blog later, when I have a bit more time.

  2. Ian Sales says:

    Fingers has a really horribly creepy cover.

  3. Heidi says:

    I adore the cover. What an image!

  4. I am very happy to see Marian Coman’s works available in English. He is one the very talented voices of our literature and it can be easily seen in his two published books so far (in Romanian :) ). I hope that “Fingers” is the first step in bringing his work on the English market and other ones as well. I read “Fingers”, although for me it is actually a re-read, and it is quite well translated. It might miss a bit of the original feeling, but other wise it is well translated. Also some of the events might seem strange to Westerners, but it was the harsh reality of the Communist regime.
    I do hope to see his “Testamentul de Ciocolata” (The Chocolate Testament) translated too, because it is an excellent work. I also hope that Marian Coman will write more and he will publish soon some new works ;)

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