Steampunk in the Classroom: Using the Steampunk Bible as Textbook!

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To be honest, one thing about doing a book—any book—is that you get tired of talking about it and tired of the book itself real fast, especially if you’re involved in creating other projects. And at various times, I know I’ve confessed to Steampunk fatigue, as have we all, I think.

But I have to share this article about Steampunk as a hands-on college class at Austin Peay, using the Steampunk Bible as the textbook. It’s an awesome example of a book having a real-world, concrete impact.

This does happen more often than you might think. Over the years, many of the books I’ve been involved with have an impact. We’re told so often that books don’t matter anymore, but in addition to the fiction I write inspiring creators to riff and explore—and vice versa—The New Weird and our Steampunk anthologies (all edited with my wife Ann) have had impact in unexpected places at unexpected times, creating debate and inspiring creators, and even, in some cases of translation, sparking hybrid movements and books. That’s always a great feeling—when you can have a positive impact on others.

7 comments on “Steampunk in the Classroom: Using the Steampunk Bible as Textbook!

  1. Larry says:

    Huh. Not only is that near where I live, but the photographers are the grandmother and mother of a former student of mine. Small world.

  2. Now that is wicked cool :)

  3. That is wonderful! There is no better complement for a writer than for her work to be taught in the classroom. And it sounds like a really fun and interesting class. Something I would have loved to have had offered to me back in the day.

  4. Fabio says:

    I’m very happy. Would be happier if the mentioned site wouldn’t forbid any access to anybody outside the US.

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