The Underland Un-Conference: Boot Camp with Award Winners Ann & Jeff VanderMeer, Elizabeth Hand, Brian Evenson, and More

Underland Conference
(Don’t mind the startled face–that’s a “before conference” headshot.)

Sign up for the Underland Press Un-Conference, the first of a series of amazing boot camps for writers. Portland, Oregon, November 11-13, 2011. More details here.

Here’s who will be getting you into shape:

Me–drill sergeant Jeff VanderMeer reporting for duty. For 25 years I’ve been barking orders at new recruits. You name it, I’ve done in the publishing world, and I’ve shared my experience in venues as various as MIT, the Library of Congress, and the back-end of a pick up truck in Montana…well, not that last one. Still, let me help you help yourself. Pull-ups optional.

Hugo Award-winner Ann VanderMeer, editor-in-chief of Weird Tales, has read more stories than you’ve drawn breaths. Use her 30 years of experience to your benefit.

Multiple World Fantasy Award-winner Elizabeth Hand is one of our finest writers and she’s a veteran of a thousand publishing wars. She’ll show you what for if you don’t know what for yet.

Brian Evenson’s only one of his generations great writers of the uncanny and strange, as well as being in charge of Brown’s creative writing program. He’d as soon as write something O. Henry Award-winning or an Aliens tie-in novel as spit at you, but he’ll share his hard-earned wisdom.

Idiosyncratic writer and imaginative powerhouse Matthew Hughes has written more than a dozen books, and has been called the heir apparent to Jack Vance.

Scott Allie is an American comics writer and editor, and currently serves as the senior managing editor for Dark Horse Comics. He’s the author of The Devil’s Footprints, so best not mess with him…but do let him give you advice.

And, finally, Victoria Blake, the mastermind of this operation, is the dynamic editor-in-chief and founder of Underland Press, which has published critically acclaimed books by VanderMeer, Evenson, and more.

3 comments on “The Underland Un-Conference: Boot Camp with Award Winners Ann & Jeff VanderMeer, Elizabeth Hand, Brian Evenson, and More

  1. Hannu Blommila says:

    You guys have all the coolest events.

  2. Chip Beckett says:

    Okay, I’m not a writer in training. Hell, I’m not even a writer. But since that is a list that includes some of my favorite writers and editors, and I live in Portland, I’ll spot you all a drink when you’re in town.

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