ODD? Volume One Table of Contents


We’ll be announcing the full roster of a new line-up of e-books under our new Cheeky Frawg imprint very soon. Most of them are reprints only, focusing on my own work to start. However, one project that kind of came to us in a flash of inspiration, launches a new e-book anthology series, featuring new and reprinted stories, along with new translations of favorite stories. ODD? will be out in May, and eventually followed by a POD version that will include most of the material in the e-book version.

The plan is to release ODD? twice a year and have it be a showcase for strong, hard-to-define fiction, some of which may be slightly disturbing. Eventually, once it’s established, we want to bring it full-on back into the print world with a version that includes strange comics and art—basically an odd culture zine with high production values—while continuing to do the e-book version.

The cover is by Jeremy Zerfoss, and may change slightly before publication.

Here’s the line-up for volume one…


The anthology that poses the question, “Is this odd…or are you too normal?”

Amos Tutuola – “The Dead Babies”

Gustave Le Rouge – “The War of the Vampires” (new translation by Brian Evenson and David Beus)

Jeffrey Ford – “Weiroot”

Leopoldo Lugones – “The Bloat Toad” (new translation by Larry Nolen)

Mark Samuels – “Apt 205”

Michael Cisco – “Modern Cities Exist Only to Be Destroyed” (published only in a limited edition previously)

Nalo Hopkinson – “Slow Cold Chick”

Sumanth Prabhaker – “A Hard Truth About Waste Management” (revised since publication)

Hiromi Goto – “Stinky Girl”

Eric Basso – “Logues”

Edward Morris – “Lotophagi”

Karin Tidbeck – “The Aunts” (previously unpublished)

Jeffrey Thomas – “The Fork”

Rikki Ducornet – “The Volatilized Ceiling of Baron Munodi”

Amanda le Bas de Plumetot – “Unmaking” (previously unpublished)

Karl Hans Strobl – “The Head” (new translation by Gio Clairval)

Caitlin R. Kiernan – “A Child’s Guide to the Hollow Hills”

Stacey Levine – “Sausage”

13 comments on “ODD? Volume One Table of Contents

  1. Adam Mills says:

    Oh, how I wish I had an e-reader (looks like I have until May, then). This looks fantastic! I’m especially interested in all of the writers included here that I’ve never read before; looking forward to discovering some new favorites, hopefully!

  2. It is a good mix of new, established, and writers-who-should-be-better-known, we think. It’s not noted but several more stories there have only appeared in limited signed editions before.

  3. “Our troops train in Limbo, our mongoloid thinkers
    Recall the glories of Hyperborea, Atlantis, Lemuria, where we raised
    Black steles to the flippered goat who taught us numbers & alphabets…”
    —Jesse Glass, Jr., “Gnosis-M”

  4. That’s a great lineup. And I haven’t read anything by Lugones in five or six years. Looking forward to ODD.

  5. Sovay says:

    Here’s the line-up for volume one…

    That looks pretty awesome.

  6. Daniel S says:

    “Is this odd…or are you too normal?”

    If I find it normal am I too odd? I await the anthologies judgement.

  7. Christopher Robbins says:

    For those who don’t own an e-reader, you can still download the kindle app (for free) to your laptop, desktop, or smartphone. :)

  8. a.m. conrad says:

    great to see stacey levine on there. her novel Dra- is so strange and brilliant. she doesn’t even get a fraction of the recognition she deserves.

  9. A Hard Truth About Waste Management is one of my favorite short stories from Best American fantasy. Awesome. I have to pick up this e-book

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