Leviathan 5 Translation Fund Drive: Goal Reached, Dance to Come

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our Leviathan 5 fund-drive! We did indeed reach $1,000 in the month of February–the final tally is $1,250, in fact. You can continue to contribute, of course, through paypal using the button on the sidebar (scroll down) or directly to vanderworld at hotmail.com.

All monies received will be held in a savings account until they’re needed, and all those who donated (or will donate) will be listed in the finished anthology.

More importantly, this means I have to fulfill my promise to dance on video—specifically, an interpretative dance based on my story “The Third Bear”. That should be done in the next week.

It’s been very busy around here, but there will be more posts this week, including my and Ann’s FOGCon schedule.

Thanks to Jeremy Zerfoss, who contributed this poster graphic based on the idea of “leviathans” (and cats!) to help generate donations. Thanks also to everyone who signal-boosted this effort!

Leviathan 5

2 comments on “Leviathan 5 Translation Fund Drive: Goal Reached, Dance to Come

  1. Freaky lookin’ picture ;) Nevertheless congrats on your money donations

  2. Jonathan K. Stephens says:


    Now, Tutus! We want Tutus! :)



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