February Fund-Raising Challenge: Make Me Dance, Support Translated Fiction

This post is sticky–new content below. FEB 19th UPDATE: Up past $800! SUMMARY: Support translated fiction with your donations and also make me dance…

Leviathan 5: The Next Wave, the latest in the award-winning fiction anthology series edited by my wife Ann and me, will focus on new writers of weird fantasy fiction, and will also endeavor to have an open reading period as world-wide as we can make it. This means many writers who don’t write in English will be able to submit, to our brigade of foreign language editors.

The publisher is ChiZine, and they’re providing a budget that is respectable for an English-language anthology. BUT, we will need more funds for the translation component. READ HERE FOR MORE CONTEXT.

So…all of February is fund-drive month here at Ecstatic Days. Our goal is to raise $1,000 in 28 days, to add to the $300 in donations already received. Your name will be listed in the book, and you can donate easily through paypal to vanderworld at hotmail.com or via check to “Jeff VanderMeer”, POB 4248, Tallahassee, FL 32315.

IF we reach the $1,000 goal, I will do an interpretative dance based on the title story in my story collection, “The Third Bear,” which will be taped and put up on YouTube for your enjoyment. Trust me when I say that…I am a terrible dancer…and very bad at interpretative dance…and, um, a dance based on The Third Bear…I could do myself an injury on accident… (Note also that per this post, I can confirm that my collection Third Bear has earned out, which means my pledge to use all royalties received from the book toward Leviathan is no idle claim.)

In case you need proof of the potential entertainment value, here’s a limited view of my prior skill at (1) acting and (2) moving around.

12 comments on “February Fund-Raising Challenge: Make Me Dance, Support Translated Fiction

  1. Larry says:

    And if it were to top $2000, would you do a mime sketch to go along with the interpretative dance?

  2. Jha says:

    You weren’t actually *dancing* in that video! That’s CHEATING!

  3. jeff vandermeer says:

    Hee. Well, it’s just a tantalizing glimpse of how bad it could get when I actually *do* have to dance…

  4. Jeff VanderMeer says:

    UPDATE: Already have two donations, totalling $70!

  5. Jha says:

    OK, a real question this time. So there’ll be translations but will the original text also be available in the antho?

  6. Jeff VanderMeer says:

    Jha: No, there would be no room for that. It would mean fewer non-translations, and since the focus of the book is on new writers, of which translations is a component, that wouldn’t be fair. Those would also be different rights to acquire from the author, and potentially not available anyway or an extra cost. But we would endeavor to acquire those rights for the associated website as possible and post those original versions there.

    The book’s territory will be some form of world English language. Of course, our anthologies often then get picked up for non-English translation in other countries, which constitutes another opportunity for everyone in it.

  7. jeff vandermeer says:

    up to 100…

  8. Jeff VanderMeer says:

    up to about $200…

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