Thrilling Wonder Stories 2: Watch Out! Kid’s Got a PowerPoint…

kids got a powerpoint
(Wot? Is that a PowerPoint presentation? Stand back!)

Yes, I will be helping to represent flat media at the Thrilling Wonder Stories 2 conference in London this Friday, with my “Finch: The Story of a Novel as the Narrative of Historical Consequences, an Occupied City, a Failed State”. Luckily, I’m packing a PowerPoint presentation loaded with amazing art from Sam Van Olffen, Aeron Alfrey, Ivica Stevanovic, Myrtle Von Damitz III, and many more—full list after the conference. While I’m nattering on about cross-pollination and colonization and other thrilling! wonder! stories!, you can be looking at the pretty pictures.

As previously mentioned, this is a fly-in, fly-out situation, so I hope to see you the day of, if you’re in the vicinity. Other presenters include Geoff Manaugh and Will Self. Check out the full list here or here. Ann and I think this should be a great event.

Since I might not post for a couple days, go ahead and use this thread to tell me what you’ve been up to…or tell the tale of presentations-gone-wrong.

7 comments on “Thrilling Wonder Stories 2: Watch Out! Kid’s Got a PowerPoint…

  1. Seth Merlo says:

    I actually did my first official PhD-related conference presentation just last week, PowerPoint included. Went quite well. It was based around Samuel Delany’s notion of story as the gradual building up of a mental picture of a narrative in the reader’s mind, rather than the narratological definition of story as the events or content.

    Looking forward to seeing the full list of art in your PowerPoint too. Good luck!

  2. Seth–I like that, re the Delany. Going to put any of it online?

  3. Larry says:

    I’m up to no good, but that’s to be expected, right?

    Umm…I’m also up at 4 AM, which is unusual, but not bad, since I crashed at 6 PM last night.

    And I’m also up to my eyeballs with grading, but I’m not complaining, because either today or early next week, I’ll officially go on salary as a full-time employee after three months of being part-time, so that’s a major something for which to be thankful this Thanksgiving week.

    Oh, and I’m alternating between Patti Smith’s memoir and Sarah Blakewell’s “biography” of Montaigne. I may have to abandon fiction reading for a while if there are other new non-fiction releases as good as these and The Tiger.

  4. I’m about to fly to San Antonio for Thanksgiving with the ‘rents. Blessings of Cthulhu I was able to convince my family that I needed no “vegetarian turkey alternative” like tofurkey or “crab” (because “crab” is a vegetable in Central Texas. Long story…)

    I expect to finish Michael Cisco’s “The Narrator” during transit. Exciting stuff! I’m really loving it so far!

  5. Jeff VanderMeer says:

    JM–I gots The Narrator with me, too!

  6. Seth Merlo says:

    Jeff – I’ll be submitting it to publish with the conference proceedings, but that won’t be available until Nov 2011. Happy to send it through to you though and get your impressions, if you like. It’s an idea I’m hoping to expand on further with a paper for Swancon/NatCon next year too.

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