Steampunk Reloaded…Almost Here

(There are so many contributors to this @#%@@#!! anthology that I’m not going to list them here. Go here for the full run-down.)

Starred Review, Publishers Weekly: “The dynamic VanderMeers follow 2008’s Steampunk with this engaging anthology of 23 stories [that] define, deepen, and demonstrate the clockwork beauty of automaton-laden science fiction…Fabulous interior design by John Coulthart completes this worthy sequel to its well-regarded predecessor.” (Also check out the NY Journal of Books review.)

So….let’s talk about Steampunk Reloaded (out in November), if you’ve got a moment, and I know you do… Let’s talk about how we can get you to Steampunk Overloaded. Fascinated by Steampunk but ready to be sick of it already? You know you are. But how exactly can you get to that point? Our humble suggestion is to let the sheer mad variety of approaches to the subgenre available through Steampunk Reloaded do the job. (20% discount publisher direct) That way, you’ll have hours of reading pleasure, followed by a single sharp shock of “OMG–I’m filled to the top with Steampunk,” followed by the blessed realization that you can go on with your life clockwork-free from that moment forward.

…Except, dear reader, it won’t quite be over with because we’ll be posting Brazilian writer Jacques Barcia’s “A Life Made Possible Behind the Barricades” as an online adjunct to to the anthology, as well as a further, somewhat-related surprise that Fabio Fernandes and Larry Nolen have kindly agreed to prepare. So hold on for that. Hold on.

And then you’ll want to hang in there a little longer, after Steampunk Reloaded is out in November, because this Steam-Powered antho coming out in January features original fiction by Shweta Narayan (also in Steampunk Reloaded), the mighty Amal El-Mohtar, many other worthies, and an excellent reprint by N.K. Jemisin.

And then you may rest your clock-worn souls and be truly sick of Steampunk without missing anything…until the Steampunk Bible comes out and then all you have to do is OD on the pretty pictures, pass out, and then wake up refreshed…and ready to go on to Dieselpunk.

15 comments on “Steampunk Reloaded…Almost Here

  1. Jeff, you never cease to crack me up. :) Thanks! Really excited about this–and yes, everyone should order copies despite any reported shark-jumping of the genre. \m/

  2. Libby–Heh.

    BTW, we should have the contributor copies of Steampunk Reloaded in the next week and will send them out shortly!


  3. Hi Jeff. I see that you are a fan of steampunk. I think a story I’ve writting would make a great steampunk animated film, but would like to confirm this with steampunk fans.

    What do you think? my work is located at


  4. Mike Allen says:

    “The Dynamic VanderMeers” sounds like a great idea for a steampunk animated film.

    And thank you so much for plugging Steam-Powered!

  5. Poepi: Just no time to read, sorry. Not a movie producer, anyway.

    Mike: Oh, sure. Stuff like Steam-Powered makes us want to go back on our promise/vow not to do a third Steampunk volume…but I still think we’re done… I’ll try to do an Amazon feature on Steam-Powered on Amazon in January.

    Romeu: Heh. Maybe. :)


  6. Angela Slatter says:

    It’s a little known fact that the Dynamic VanderMeers actually *do* wear capes whilst editing. :-)

  7. devans00 says:

    I totally loved volume I. So many good stories, I think my favorite was Sysadmins Ruled the Earth by Cory Doctorow.

  8. Jeff VanderMeer says:

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, you might be thinking of a Cyberpunk volume.


  9. Saw a copy in Barnes and Noble today. Looked very nice. Very nice indeed.

  10. Allan K says:

    Copies arrived in our Bay Area/Northern California today, direct from IPG…

  11. Allan K says:

    Copies arrived in our Bay Area/Northern California bookstore today, direct from IPG…

  12. Jeff – At the start of the fantasy/science fiction section they have one shelf where they out the big new/recent releases face out. Steampunk II was right there, looking at me, and giving me “buy me” looks. Dirty tart of a book that it is.

  13. Jeff VanderMeer says:

    well, crap. might have to go buy a copy here.

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