Aqueduct Press: 50-6-1

My feature interview with Timmi Duchamp about Aqueduct Press is now up on Amazon’s book blog.

I don’t know if readers realize this, but Aqueduct has reached the 50-book mark in just their sixth year. That’s a significant achievement for any press–both the longevity and the quantity, not to mention the quality and the focus. Not to mention that Duchamp is a class act as a publisher dealing with writers.

What does the 50-6-1 in my title mean? 50 books, 6 years, 1 reader at a time. That’s how indie presses do it, generally. You’re that one reader now, so if you like Aqueduct, if you like me are impressed by this achievement, please re-blog the link to the feature and a link to Aqueduct’s main page for those who want to order that way instead, and support this unique publisher with some book sales love.

Another thing some readers might not realize is how much a writer gives up when they decide to run a publishing company, as this interview answer by Timmi suggests: “I’ve recently realized that I’m basically sacrificing my own writing career, which is not what I imagined happening when I started Aqueduct. I’m still hoping I can figure out how to be both a publisher and a writer. Sometimes I wish I could just ditch Aqueduct entirely. But my commitment to the press and its authors runs deep.” Another reason to be generous with your support.

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  1. Larry says:

    Just blogged about it, mentioning four books of theirs that I’ve read and enjoyed. Thanks again, by the way, for sending me the Tuttle and Duchamp books a couple of years ago.

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