Karin Lowachee, Beyond Victoriana, and The Gaslight Dogs

Beyond Victoriana, which I’ve been meaning to plug, has a great interview with Karin Lowachee, author of The Gaslight Dogs. I think she says some very wise and useful things in the interview, some of which echo my own experience growing up overseas (although I wasn’t born overseas). It’s a very different thing to be exposed to other cultures from within those cultures, and coming back to the U.S. felt very odd at first.

More importantly, I’m also about one-third of the way through her novel, and I have to say this book is thus far really awesome. Tough-minded, unique, specific as to detail, and, in general, evidence of a really great writing talent. I don’t know when I’ll get to finish the book, given deadlines, but I’m impressed!

10 comments on “Karin Lowachee, Beyond Victoriana, and The Gaslight Dogs

  1. Karin says:

    I saw this through a retweet, and wanted to thank you very much for both reading my book and saying such good things about it. Hopefully it’ll hold up its end of the bargain all the way to the finish line. Cheers!

  2. I’m sure it will–more importantly, I’m horrified to admit I haven’t read your other work, so now I have a lot more to add to my reading pile.

  3. Nin Harris says:

    Hurray, we so need more steampunk from/with different/alternate cultures. Neat interview and good advice about world-building, re: other cultures. I’m putting this on my to-be-read pile. Also, I feel acutely that dissonance between cultures from the other side of the equation so this struck a chord.

  4. Ooh, thanks for this. As someone who was born and grew up away from my ‘home’ culture I get very excited when this conversation comes up. Lovely interview, and I need to get my claws on this book.

  5. Karin says:

    Haha, no need to be horrified, since my other 3 books – science fiction and very different – might be a little difficult to obtain. But if you can’t find them let me know.

  6. Hellbound Heart says:

    karin….should i be able to order your books through my local borders bookstore?

  7. That’s one awesome cover.

  8. Larry says:

    That was a very good interview. I read the book a couple of months ago and I kept meaning to write a review of it, since I enjoyed it quite a bit, but it got lost in the shuffle of that major career shift then.

  9. Karin says:

    @Hellbound Heart

    The Gaslight Dogs is available in Borders and everywhere else, but the SF won’t be, or I’d be very surprised. They’re available as e-books, though the Kindle edition, I believe, has typos GALORE that weren’t there in the hardprint (for some reason, I don’t know why, something in the transfer?) The SF is out of print though I know people who’ve located them (Amazon, for example, for a higher price and it says it’s mass market, but a friend of mine got it in Trade…) It’s confusing, sorry. Out of my control!

  10. Thanks so much for plugging the book & the site! I’m really glad that Karin’s getting such good kudos for her work. ^-^

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