Congrats, 2010 Clarion San Diego Students!

Yay! A big congratulations to the 2010 Clarion San Diego class, just announced on the site. They’re all super-awesome, and Ann and I are really excited about meeting them and working with them in weeks 5 and 6 of the workshop. The instructors for weeks 1—4 are Delia Sherman, George R.R. Martin, Dale Bailey, and Samuel R. Delany.

Gregory Bossert
Stacie Brown
John Chu
William Farrar
Erin Gonzales
Jessica Hilt
Jennifer Hsyu
Adam Israel
Dustin Monk
Tamsyn Muir
Laura Praytor
LaTisha Redding
Dallas Taylor
Leah Thomas
Karin Tidbeck
Tom Underberg
Kali Wallace
Kai Ashante Wilson

52 comments on “Congrats, 2010 Clarion San Diego Students!

  1. J. Andrews says:

    Congratulations, guys!

  2. molly says:

    Congrats all!!

  3. Leah Thomas says:

    thank you!

    I cannot express my excitement, and I can’t wait to meet everyone!

  4. I keep assuming I’ve dreamed it all, but the evidence is growing that it’s actually happening…!

  5. I remember in ’92, the surrealness of it. Just the idea of spending six weeks on such an adventure seemed unreal. It takes awhile to acclimate to the idea, that’s for sure! And congrats again. jv

  6. Thanks for the congratulations. I can’t wait to meet my fellow students and instructors in June. It seems so far away!

  7. Far away and yet all-too near!

  8. Andy R says:

    Congrats everyone!

  9. That’s nice of you, Andy.

    I should note, probably, that Clarion students who haven’t bought Booklife already should wait since you’ll get a freebie from us in week 5.


  10. I’m only just now beginning to believe it. I’m more excited than I can readily express in words (which may be a problem, given my avocation). Can it be June now, please?

  11. Congrats, Dallas. And, in June, you start off with the amazing and superb Delia.

  12. Laura Praytor says:

    I was suprised as well. My accpetance came the same week I recieved 7 (out of 12…. five more to go) graduate school rejections. I applied for an MFA in creative writing and as I love SF and Fantasy, it was hard to decide what to submit for my grad school apps (they all want literary fiction). It was all so frustrating, so thank you Clarion!

  13. Laura:

    Have you considered applying to a grad program that actually focuses on SF/F, like the University of Southern Maine’s Stonecoast Program?

  14. Fabio says:

    Congrats to all!

  15. Laura Praytor says:

    I looked into it (and it looks awesome), but I just don’t have that much money. I don’t want to end up with an enormous amount of debt for a degree which won’t really help me make money (a law degree or something like that would be totally different… but really, what am I going to do with an MFA besides write, and we all know writing isn’t about the money). I applied only to schools with full funding. I still have hope. If not this year, maybe next.

  16. Kali Wallace says:

    Thank you! I can’t wait for this summer.

  17. Karin Tidbeck says:

    This is beyond exciting! I’m so looking forward to meeting everyone. This is an old dream come true – a ten year old dream, to be precise. Finally! Wow!

  18. Jennifer Hsyu says:

    I cannot wait for June – I am so grateful for this opportunity, and looking forward to meeting and learning with everyone!

  19. Yay! Of course you know you all just signed on for six weeks of hard work! But it’s a nice location and you get that lovely break of Comic Con, too, in the middle of it.


  20. I”m looking forward to every minute.

  21. Leah Thomas says:

    anyone else just a bit bummed that comic-con is all but sold out? Who else wants a sunday ticket?

  22. Congratz to all. Wish I was going to be there with you. Good luck.

  23. Tamsyn Muir says:

    Like everyone else has said, this still doesn’t seem real. If June could come a few months sooner, I’d appreciate it!

    Congratulations to everyone else and I can’t wait to meet everybody.

  24. John Chu says:

    Oh good, I thought I was the only one who felt like part of a slipstream story. For days, I’d just keep re-reading the acceptance letter to make sure it hadn’t changed overnight. (Actually, due to a weird quirk of how Gmail displays dates, when we shifted to Daylight Saving Time, it did change overnight. The timestamp is now an hour off.)

    It’ll be great to meet everyone. I was also thinking about a Sunday ticket to Comic-Con, if that hasn’t already sold out too.

  25. jeff vandermeer says:

    congrats again to all. very invigorating to read such interesting and cool stuff.

    heck, we might even cook for you…i don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing…

  26. Dustin Monk says:

    gonna be a blast meeting and working with you all! i seriously cannot wait!

  27. Dustin Monk says:

    if you’re cooking, i’m bringing the wine.

  28. Kate says:


  29. Kai Wilson says:

    I’m looking forward to meeting everybody, bouncing ideas, and electric inspiration!

  30. Jeff VanderMeer says:

    Dustin–that’s a deal. Ann’ll be making sure I don’t screw anything up.


    “Holy Shit Samuel Delany” is pretty much what I said when I saw the lineup.

    Hope there will be a special outting in week 6, too.


  31. Tom U says:

    Is this the unofficial, virtual, pre-Clarion watering hole? Looking forward to meeting everyone. Such an incredible lineup of instructors this go-round. Can hardly believe I’ll be part of it all.

  32. jeff vandermeer says:

    Hey, Tom–i think you will all have an official watering hole where you can all talk together pretty soon–Clarion’ll set that up. And congrats!

  33. Leah Thomas says:

    I’m also thirsty for this promised watering hole…

    …and hungry for the promised dinner! That’s right. I’ve decided that you’ve promised us, now.

    And John – GET A TICKET! I won’t have the guts to go in costume if no one else comes with me, hahaha.

    Actually, everyone get a ticket. Every other day’s sold out.

    Really, really can’t wait to meet my minions – I mean, future companions. Ahem.

  34. I am trying to wangle a Professional registration: they have an option for Writer/Science Fiction…! I’ve gotten into WonderCon with my IMDB credits and an expired Animator’s Guild union card, so hopefully this will work. If it does, I get two guest badges at $100 a pop (and one child for free, I think).

  35. I grabbed my ticket for Sunday!

  36. Leah Thomas says:

    Yes! I’m glad there’ll be a few of us going, at least.
    Icing on the Clarion Cake of Awesomeness.

  37. Not sure if I’ll be going to Comic-Con, but I’ll do apps and cocktails for this dinner thing. My gf and I own a catering company and I’ve tended bar for most of my adult life.

    Can’t wait to meet you guys and get into this thing.

  38. Leah Thomas says:

    Everyone here’s got multiple talents! Animation? That’s fantastic.
    Catering? That sounds wonderful. I’d drop everything and there’d be glass everywhere. A dinner party would become dangerous.
    And for this spectacular dinner party… can we put on Victorian accents and bring parasols, just for the heck of it? Who’s got a monocle?

    No cocktails for me, I’m afraid. You know, sometimes I really hate being underage.

    Babbling again…but so excited.

  39. Karin Tidbeck says:

    Just got a Sunday ticket for Comic-con! I’m prepared to be stunned, amazed and flabbergasted.

  40. Leah Thomas says:

    Yeah! Comic-Con posse!

  41. Y’all should try to wrangle Comic Con passes for Clarion as a whole. Surely one of you has connections? Somehow to hook you up? Or the ability to sweet-talk the right person.

  42. I’m told this is something that can happen through Clarion but isn’t 100% assured–so it’s a question for them to ask their contact at Clarion in San Diego first, probably.

  43. Does anyone know when China Mieville and/or Berke Breathed will be doing their thing? I made preliminary pass through the website, but lacked the patience to discover those details.

  44. We just need to invite those guys to drop by the workshop…!

  45. Dustin Monk says:

    greg – heck yeah we do!

    leah – “who’s got a monocle?” classic!

    Best. Clarion. Ever.

  46. There may well be special guests during some of the weeks of the con, of course. Never can tell. But when likely people are nearby, sometimes it works out.

  47. Leah Thomas says:

    Dustin – Yeh damn straight! Best.


    I am ridiculously thrilled about this, and about everyone who’s going to be there. There’s a light in my chest cavity. It’s wonderful.

  48. Frank Ard says:

    Congrats to all you brand new Clarion Easties from a brand new Clarion Westy!

  49. Liz Argall says:

    Congratulations everyone. I hope you all have a fantastic time.

    The last couple of years Clarion has got free passes to Comicon, BUT every year it gets more crowded. Hadas organised passes but I don’t think people knew if we would be getting any until week 2. Even professional registration is getting tight, so if you have pro credentials apply now as pro passes may be on a quota.


    Liz (Clarion Class of ’09)

  50. Congrats, every one of you! And a special hello to my friend Stacie!

    We loved Clarion last year. It’s life-changing. Take good care of each other; it’s the Tribe that will make it all work.

    Lizzie has links to a gazillion posts people have done about Clarion over the years, including mine:

    Your loving cousin,

    Ken (Liz’s roommate, Class of ’09)

  51. Thanks, Frank, Liz, and Ken!

    Frank, Clarion West looks fantastic, and Neile is a wonder! Have a blast!

    My Pro request paperwork is in for Comic-Con, though it didn’t look very “pro”, since my printer cartridge is running out…

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