Kage Baker–Terrific Writer, Needs Your Support

Kage Baker has been a favorite writer of mine for a long time, and she was a marvelous contributor to both our pirate anthology and to The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric & Discredited Diseases. Her entry in that book is one of my favorites. Her Company stories are wonderful, and in her humorous stories she has one of the best senses of comic timing I’ve seen in fiction. When she participated in the video for our pirate anthology, she had a real parrot on her shoulder!

In the last couple of days, she’s finally made public her battle with cancer, which is in a critical stage. All of the information here, but below are the snail mail and email addresses at which you can reach her.

She’s a great person, a great writer. Drop her a line. Please. She could do with something silly, something fun, something that shows you care.

Emails of support: [email protected]

Letters, notes, cards and anything else you can think of can be sent to her home:

Kage Baker
331 Stimson, Apt. B,
Pismo Beach CA 93449

4 comments on “Kage Baker–Terrific Writer, Needs Your Support

  1. Leonard Greycloud aka @verybrave says:

    thanks for turning me on to kage baker. just read a lot of her website, will go back for some listening. going to try to get her books at the library. have sent her good wishes by email. regards.

  2. Davide Mana says:

    Shattering news.
    Kage Baker is a superb writer.
    Will try and send something, but it’s hard being silly at times like this.

  3. jeff vandermeer says:

    something that shows you care. silly optional.

  4. houseofmuses says:

    Critical stage of cancer is a hard thing to deal with. I’ve had to be there for a dear friend of mine who was in the same situation. I don’t know you, but peace, serenity and love to you, and may you be surrounded by loving friends who carry you through, come what may.

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