The Church Re-Releases Shriek: An Afterword CD

Slicing Up Your Eyeballs reports that The Church has re-released the Shriek: An Afterword CD based on my novel. The re-release “has been remastered to correct significant audio problems with the initial release, and errors with the tracklisting and packaging also have been corrected.” I should note– the first version sounds just fine to me, and The Church always tinker with their stuff a lot.

For more info on ordering, etc., visit SUYE.

Here’s the track listing on the re-release. I don’t have the original in front of me, but I do think it may be different by one song.

1. “We Dwell In Fragile Temporary”
2. “Shriek Voices”
3. “Shriek Theme”
4. “Duncan And Mary”
5. “Even The Flies Have Eyes”
6. “The Gray Caps”
7. “Truffidian Church”
8. “Ambergris”
9. “My Love, Last Night”
10. “Incident On Bannerville”
11. “A Tragi-comic Family Story”
12. “A Tale For You”
13. “We Are Lost”
14. “Dream Of Edward”
15. “War Of The Houses”
16. “Shriek – Reversal”
17. “The Aan Tribal War”

5 comments on “The Church Re-Releases Shriek: An Afterword CD

  1. Eddie Duff says:

    I wonder if they will offer an exchange program for this. I bought one from heyday before the limiteds were released. It just seems a bit extreme paying 20 bucks for a disc that corrects technical flaws that shouldn’t have been there in the first place. If they released a version with additional content I’d be all over it though….

  2. Jeff VanderMeer says:

    There are no technical flaws that I can hear on the original CD. They’re musicians, so their definition of “technical flaw” may be different.

  3. Eddie Duff says:

    I didn’t notice anything either when I listened to it. I found a site where they list a few pops that are on some of the tracks.

    Nothing to worry about.. I thought it was a mastering error that affected the playback of some discs. I’ll live with mine. :)

  4. Looking at the track list, they’ve got one new song at the end, The Aan Tribal War.

    And yes, musicians might have different ideas of technical flaws. Perhaps mastering too quiet or with a slightly off EQ setting could qualify as a technical flaw. Or occasional pops or clicks (which might not be audible on many speakers).

  5. Hellbound Heart says:

    i think i may just have to live with the original album that i have….it’s ok to me…..

    peace and love…….

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