Jeff VanderMeer’s Novel Finch Now Available: Finch Insurgency Campaign, Scalzi’s Big Idea, and More

Huzzah! Tomorrow is the official release date for Finch, my latest novel, a mix of fantasy, noir, thriller, spy story, political intrigue, and a dash of science fiction. The book’s been enthusiastically blurbed by the likes of Ken Bruen, Meg Gardiner, Tad Williams, Richard K. Morgan, Joe Abercrombie, Joe Lansdale, and many more.

Several cool things are now available to you…

Finch Insurgency Campaign–a new page from which you can download Finch “traitor” posters, icons, banner slogans, Murder by Death official soundtrack, “fungal teasers,” podcast promos, and more. We wanted to make the experience more about providing cool stuff for you than about PR for Finch, so many of these Insurgency Campaign items require you to mention the book, too, and a link to ordering information.

You can buy Finch through Amazon, Indiebound, Powell’s, and any of your other favorites, including indie and chain bookstores.

Jeremy Tolbert created the bulk of this work (some of it from John Coulthart’s cover), with the exception of the Hawk Alfredson icons, and the awesome Luis Rodrigues created the site. I highly recommend all three of them, and think Jeremy did a wonderful job with the insurgency posters–you can even photoshop yourself into one of them. I’m also chuffed that the models for the “traitors” include Jeremy Lassen, Charles Tan, Lisa Bennett, Angela Slatter, and a former Clarion student who prefers to remain anonymous. (Meanwhile, a special Finch promo video will debut later this month.)

Also, tomorrow Thursday, you can read my Big Idea piece for John Scalzi’s blog. A long excerpt from the novel is also available.

Previous features have included guest posts for the Powell’s book blog, Crimespree, and the LA Times. Some great reviews have appeared in the weeks leading up to publication, including from Publishers Weekly and Booklist, and even more are forthcoming–I’ll post links to all of them next week, along with a slew of interviews (most recent, for the Willamette University gig).

So please spread the word if you like my work, and make tomorrow’s release day a rousing success. Me, I’m on the road in San Francisco and will be appearing with Cherie Priest and Cat Rambo at the University Bookstore in Seattle Nov. 4th at 7pm. I’ll also be at Willamette University the evening of Nov. 5th, before heading to Portland for a Press Club event at 5:30 on Nov. 6th with Jay Lake, Jeff Johnson, and Cat Rambo, followed by a 4:00 pm reading Nov. 7th at Powell’s (Cedar Hills). For the complete 28-event schedule please refer to my blog entry.

I should note I don’t care where you buy Finch from, but I do hope you’ll consider picking it up from your favorite online or brick-and-mortar bookstore.

5 comments on “Jeff VanderMeer’s Novel Finch Now Available: Finch Insurgency Campaign, Scalzi’s Big Idea, and More

  1. Hellbound Heart says:

    oh YEAH what a birthday pressie!!!!!!

    peace and love…..

  2. Anne S says:

    My Amazon ordered copy of Finch arrived on Monday 1st Nov – looking forward to getting stuck into it.

  3. Hellbound Heart says:

    oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah, gonna go to my local borders bookshop this weekend and HOPEFULLY finch’ll be there…..can’t wait!!!!!

    peace and love…..

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