Teaching at Clarion in San Diego in 2010

I’m assuming it’s official, since it’s on the site and GRRM blogged about it. Ann and I will be teaching the last two weeks at Clarion in San Diego next year. The four instructors before us during the six weeks will be the mega-talented Delia Sherman, George R.R. Martin, Dale Bailey, and Samuel R. Delany. We’re thrilled to be in such fine company, and look forward to both the selection process (Ann and I get a voice on the applications since we’re doing the last two weeks) and meeting the students. I’m going to try to get free copies of Booklife for all of the students. And it’d be an optional thing on a weekend, but Stone Brewery seems to be up for the idea of a visit to see the inner workings of their amazing operation for any students who want to join us (purely tentative/speculative at this point, but it is a trade secret that brewery tours have great relevance to novel structure).

You can apply for Clarion starting in January.

2 comments on “Teaching at Clarion in San Diego in 2010

  1. Zak says:

    Oh, cool!

    I don’t recall. When you were out here last time, did you get a chance to eat at Stone’s Bistro?

    The students will clearly benefit tremendously from a visit to Stone. Visiting a brewery was a vital part of my Viable Paradise education. Though perhaps the best way of doing it would not be to walk, as we did at VP. Still, I’m willing to bite the bullet and drive folks around if it means more people can enjoy.

  2. Xelgaex says:

    Wow that’s quite a line up. But then I’m always impressed with the lists of Clarion instructors.

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