Last Drink Bird Head Update

Here’s the contributor list for Last Drink Bird Head, the Ministry of Whimsy’s (an imprint of Wyrm Publishing) flash fiction anthology for literacy charities. We’re on a tight schedule–contributors will hear from Ann soon re contracts and pre-production deadlines–so that the book will be available at the World Fantasy Convention.

Daniel Abraham
Michael Arnzen
Steve Aylett
KJ Bishop
Michael Bishop
Desirina Boskovich
Keith Brooke
Jesse Bullington
Richard Butner
Catherine Cheek
Matthew Cheney
Michael Cisco
Gio Clairval
Alan M. Clark
Brendan Connell
Paul Di Filippo
Stephen R. Donaldson
Rikki Ducornet
Clare Dudman
Alistair Duncan
Scott Eagle
Brian Evenson
Eliot Fintushel
Jeffrey Ford
Richard Gehr
Felix Gilman
Jon Courtney Grimwood
Rhys Hughes
Paul Jessup
Antony Johnston
John Kaiine
Henry Kaiser
Caitlin R. Kiernan
Tessa Kum
Ellen Kushner
Jay Lake
Tanith Lee
Stina Leicht
Therese Littleton
Beth Adele Long
Dustin Long
Nick Mamatas
JM McDermott
Sarah Monette
Kari O’Connor
Ben Peek
Holly Phillips
Louis Phillips
Tim Pratt
Cat Rambo
Mark Rich
Bruce Holland Rogers
Nicholas Royle
G Eric Schaller
Ekaterina Sedia
Ramsey Shehadeh
Peter Straub
Victoria Strauss
Michael Swanwick
Mark Swartz
Alan Swirsky
Rachel Swirsky
Sonya Taaffe
Justin Taylor
Steve Rasnic Tem
Jeffrey Thomas
Scott Thomas
John Urbancik
Genevieve Valentine
Kim Westwood
Leslie What
Andrew Steiger White
Conrad Williams
Liz Williams
Neil Williamson
Caleb Wilson
Gene Wolfe
Jonathan Wood
Marly Youmans
Catherine Zeidler

27 comments on “Last Drink Bird Head Update

  1. Kater says:

    So..did I get cut?

  2. Sovay says:

    Here’s the contributor list for Last Drink Bird Head, the Ministry of Whimsy’s (an imprint of Wyrm Publishing) flash fiction anthology for literacy charities.

    Looks fantastic: I can’t wait to see copies. I do, however, wish to point out that my last name is spelled “Taaffe.”

  3. Hellbound Heart says:

    holy mother of god, that’s some line up you’ve got…….

    peace and love….

    (ps…finally got around to leaving contribution to you last blog)

  4. jeff vandermeer says:

    oh crap, sonya, will fix that in a few minutes, and, no, kater you didn’t get cut I have just been proven incompetent when it comes to cutting and pasting from a spreadsheet. sigh. will add shortly.

  5. Hannu Blommila says:

    Gotta love the cover and the title. Fantastic… :)

  6. While we’re on the subject of typos, you also spelled my first name wrong… ;)

  7. Heh. I think this project is probably going to kill me. I’ll fix it now. Very sorry. And one very good reason why everyone gets a look at proofs. :)


  8. Cat Rambo says:

    My name is spelled fine, but it’s pronounced “Luxury Yacht”.

  9. Eeeeeek! For a second there I thought it was another tyyyypo!

  10. No no, it’s spelt “Luxury Yacht” but it’s pronounced “Throatwobbler Mangrove”.

  11. Ann VanderMeer says:

    Don’t worry all. It will be correct in the book!

  12. jeff vandermeer says:

    Ack, as bad I forgot to thank Matt Staggs for helping out last year compiling it all and Selena Chambers doing editing and further compilation.

    Jacob McMurray contributed the cover design, Scott Eagle the art, and John Coulthart the interior design.

    man, this day has been exhausting.

  13. Great line up. For info, my name spelt:
    jon courtenay grimwood

  14. jeff vandermeer says:

    Jon–yeah, it’s strange because I had thought we’d used our usual process for compiling the main doc and thus quality control. anyway, apologies. I think this many contributors broke our system. will have to fix this in the morning–not on computer right now alas. a whole lot of minor fail going on. sorry.

  15. benpeek says:


    my name is spelt correctly.


  16. Nick Mamatas says:

    So, if half the planet is in the book and the other half of the planet buys copies of the book, who gets the charity money?

  17. jeff vandermeer says:

    Nick–apparently me, to correct my ironic spelling deficiencies.

  18. “Literacy charities”?! I thought it was for bringing lacy underwear to the underprivileged! Cheez.

  19. jeff vandermeer says:

    Ellen–you could be right. I am so confused at this point. lol.

  20. Oooh such a great cover. Really delighted to be in there. Thank you!

  21. No Lionel Fanthorpe contribution? Otherwise, nice lineup.

  22. Hal Duncan says:

    I heartily approve of *my* misspelling. Tis excellent disinformation which keeps my true identity secret. ;D

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