Weird Tales Wins the Hugo!!!!!

My wife Ann, fiction editor, and Stephen Segal, creative director, just won a Hugo for Weird Tales. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! That’s awesome! I’m so proud of her.

Ann texted me to say she’s still shaking, that she didn’t have a speech prepared so she winged it, and that the award is really really heavy.

Full list of winners posted here.

Here’s Ann at the ceremony (photo by Cheryl Morgan)…

38 comments on “Weird Tales Wins the Hugo!!!!!

  1. What can we say but CONGRATS!!!!! (Relay my congratulations to Stephen too, please!) :-)

  2. The Weird Ones stood over Locus, penknife held high. With a swift flick, the juggernaut was defeated.

  3. Erm, Grand Weirdinian, that’s a little extreme. Just very happy for Ann. She says in the awards photo Neil Gaiman is sitting at her feet, which may actually be the thing that impresses her students.

  4. Larry says:

    Again, this is so cool! And you’ll have to post that photo sometime, just for the juxtaposition there :D

  5. Yoshio Kobayashi says:

    Congratulations! It was a great surprise but happy one.

  6. jere7my says:

    Fabulous news. Congratulations to Ann!

    That *looks* heavy. What’s it sitting on, a chunk of Montreal bedrock?

  7. drax says:

    Awesome, tremendous! Congratulations to Ann, Stephen, and Weird Tales! And the sky above Connecticut rumbles with approval!

  8. Alex H says:

    Congrats! That award looks awesome!

  9. Anne S says:

    Hey Ann – Great news! Muchos congratulations.

  10. Congratulations, Ann!

  11. Yay from this side of the pond! We’re all proud of your girl and send virtual hugs!

  12. hellbound heart says:

    you bloody little ripper, ann, bonza, you beaut, it’s a bit of allright, isn’t it!!!!!!

    peace and love…..

  13. Dominik says:

    It was incredible. Ann was crying on stage and completely in shock after the ceremony. Stephen also looked completely dazed. Congratulations to both, they really deserved it.

    Also, while the base of the Hugo looks somewhat plain it is actually quite a beautiful work of art. There are gorgeous flame designs under the rocket and the base itself is marble.

  14. Toni says:

    Congratulations to Ann & all the others on Weird Tales -team on a victory well earned! A celebration is in order. We’ll toast to your Hugo in the next Helsinki SF Mafia meeting (and to Cheryl’s & Neil’s!).

  15. Hurrah for Weird Tales and Ann!

  16. Steve Nagy says:

    Congratulations to Ann and Stephen and everyone over at Weird Tales.

  17. Bob Lock says:

    Nice one Ann! Congrats to you, Stephen and all at WTs.

  18. Sarah says:

    Congratulations to Ann and Stephen and Weird Tales!

  19. Huge congratulations, and many! It was only a matter of time — Weird Tales and everyone behind it have had this coming. Cheers!

  20. Brendan says:


  21. Gwenda says:

    Huge congratulations! (And love the dress!)

  22. Chris Furst says:

    Excellent news! Congratulations!

  23. PhilRM says:

    Awesome! Congratulations to Ann and Stephen and everyone else at Weird Tales!

  24. Cora says:

    Congratulations to Ann and Stephen and the rest of the Weird Tales staff.

  25. Michael says:

    Hoooooray!!! Congrats to Ann, Stephen and all involved with Weird Tales! :)

  26. Ennis Drake says:

    Good deal! Well deserved. CONGRATS! ^;,;^

  27. jukkahoo says:

    If Toni drinks a toast, I will smoke a doutnik!

    Hooray for Ann and Stephen and Weird Tales, Neil, Cheryl, Ellen and all the rest of the winners! Next year, let’s toast to BOTH of you guys!

  28. Hannu Blommila says:

    Hooray! Many congrats once again. I’ll drink at least TEN toasts for the whole Weird Tales team! Kippis!

  29. Liz Adkins says:

    Please pass on my congratulations to Ann and her colleagues at Weird Tales- that’s as good as it gets, you guys must be so proud. :)

  30. Ann VanderMeer says:

    Thank you so much everyone for your good wishes. Stephen, I and Weird Tales could not have done this without all the talented contributors and readers. Thank you (I’m still a bit overwhelmed).

  31. Andy Wolverton says:

    Congratulations, Ann – Keep up the great work!

  32. Jean Huets says:

    Hurray and congrats!

  33. Thanks, Jeff and everyone. Ann and I are indeed overwhelmed to be accepting Weird Tales’s first Hugo award on behalf of the many, many, many brilliant contributors and readers who’ve made the magazine so great over the decades.

  34. Yeah! It was great being there. Congrats to Ann!

  35. Congratulations, you earned it!

  36. Rochita says:

    Yay! This news just made me so happy :) Congrats to Ann, Stephen and to Weird Tales Magazine.

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