Locus Magazine Co-Founder Charles N. Brown: 1937-2009

Charles N. Brown has died. As the co-founder and publisher of Locus Magazine, he helped to connect the genre community, especially before the advent of the internet, and to review and record the impact of SF/fantasy through its books. He will be missed.

4 comments on “Locus Magazine Co-Founder Charles N. Brown: 1937-2009

  1. Paul Riddell says:

    I’m the first one to admit that I wasn’t a friend nor a fan, but that news hit me hard. Thank you for passing that on: he’ll be missed.

  2. I think the field has a tradition of inspired eccentrics that Charles fit well. And he was a one-off. You two might’ve been at opposite ends of the spectrum, but at the end of the day, we’re still all part of a community.

  3. Paul Riddell says:

    I know. I think that’s why the news hurt so much. I’m not part of that community any more, but it brings back good memories of when I was.

  4. Jay Sheckley says:

    Now that I’m getting over my shock, I realise the man has gone on to his Reward.
    I’ll tell you what I mean. Charlie’s most amazing accomplishment may well be yet to be unveiled.
    Locus, arguably publishing’s premier obit site, has been specifically designed to outlive Chrles N Brown.
    In the most admiring way I say: I look forward to reading Charlie’s obituary.
    His last hurrah.

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