War of Some Against None: Thoughtful Battle Still Rages Downstream

Gawd, I cannae even fookin keep up with it all, and I’m the gatekeeper here, but Bryan Russell, Nick Mamatas, and Hal Duncan continue to type thousands of words deep into the night on the subject of mimosas, fantasy, “literary”, realism, non-realism, dogs, cats, pigeons, marshmellows. It beggars the mind it does. J.M. McDermott’s even dropped out. And where are the women, huh? Except for Terry Weyna, it’s all a bunch of guys. C’mon, get in there and slug it out. Or tell ’em it’s stupid or something. I want to get to 200 comments before I die.

Go visit. Go tell them they are loved and have not been forgotten in the dungeon of the 130+ comments on that thar post.

23 comments on “War of Some Against None: Thoughtful Battle Still Rages Downstream

  1. Larry says:

    I wonder if marshmellows in fiction are a sign of mimesis or not…

  2. drax says:

    Oh, that’s nice. Classic. A classic strategy! You sit high on your throne whilst THE FOOLS hammer themselves into senselessness and wordlessness! Waiting, WATCHING without mercy as their verbal ammunition dwindles, until the last battle cry of “MIMESIS!!!” is hurled (unheeded!) toward a godless (or worse, readerless) sky, and then Lord Vordmont (whoops) VanderMeer cackles with victory: the competition, GONE! Apposing intellect, LAID WASTE! The planet, HIS! Nice…

    Seriously, though—once this is all said and done, someone should have the wherewithal to edit and condense it. Might make a fascinating piece. You know… for the literary types.

  3. Hellbound Heart says:

    oooooh….lotsa words in THAT one…….

    peace and love…..

  4. I’ve changed it to “mimosas” just to be contrary.

  5. Felix Gilman says:


  6. Hal Duncan says:

    Diagnesis: Mimaieurder

  7. Larry says:

    Indigestion. Bane of gourmands.

  8. Felix Gilman says:

    A Noumalethic Analysis Of Rhetontic Discourses In The Literature Of The Pata-Fantastic.

  9. Felix Gilman says:

    Night of the Weltanschoggoths.

  10. Indiegesis, bane of Weltangoths and visi-noumaleths. i want 400 comments here by monday.

  11. Felix Gilman says:

    all mimetic were the borogoves

  12. Hellbound Heart says:


  13. Hellbound Heart says:


  14. Felix Gilman says:

    No. No! Mimesis.

  15. Larry says:

    Mimesis is for the bourgeois.

  16. Felix Gilman says:

    Good point; conversely, however, bourmesis is the characteristic vice of the mimeoisie.

  17. I keep wondering who killed that giant in the picture…

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