Catching Up: Capybaras, Book Tour Schedule, and Linkage

(Taken from Giant Hamster. A photo of Melanie Typaldos and her capybara Caplin Rous. Who knew capybaras were so popular? The interview with Melanie just downstream not only is one of the most-visited posts in the history of Ecstatic Days but has possibly elicited the most diverse response, from ex-American Idol contestants to members of Geiger Counter societies.)

Who knew it would be capybaras, not Shared Worlds or linkage to a China Mieville guest-blogging week, that truly defined this blog in June. Heh. Somehow, it’s appropriate. Caplin Rous is wonderful.

Anyway, below find stuff related to my book tour schedule in the fall, and recent links related to our books. (Check out the book tour schedule in case you still want me to come to your favorite bookstore or other venue–things are shaping up fast. Part of my trip will be by car, so there’s the possibility of excursions and diversions.)


Oct. 28-Nov. 2–World Fantasy Convention as one of the guests of honor, with a book release party on Thursday night.

Nov. 4-6–Seattle, WA, with a planned University Bookstore reading (special guests and exact time to be announced) and possible workshop somewhere else.

Nov. 7–Portland, OR, Powell’s reading at 4pm and a bar event that night (both with special guests to be announced).

Nov. 9–Salem, OR, some sort of college classroom gig; details soon.

Nov. 10-11–Los Angeles, with a university reading series apparently booked and other gigs to be announced.

Nov. 13-15–San Francisco, participating in the SF in SF series, possible workshops, etc.

Nov. 16-18 (roughly)–New York City, with a bookstore reading soon to be announced, followed by a nicely informal bar meet-and-greet afterwards. I’m hoping to add a Booklife workshop the morning of Nov. 17. Regardless, I’m looking forward to catching up with a lot of old friends.

Nov. 18-19 (roughly)–Boston area, with possible stop at MIT.

Nov. 19/20-30–New Hampshire, the Dartmouth area, with gigs to be announced, and hard-won R&R over Thanksgiving.

Dec. 1–Library of Congress Booklife event at noon, with a reading at Between Books outside of Philly at 7pm that night with Ekaterina Sedia.

Dec. 3–Wofford College, Spartanburg, South Carolina, guest lecture talking about Booklife and Finch to various classes.

Dec. 4-12–Events in the Carolinas, still being planned.

Dec. 13–Go home and collapse.


Ann ‘n’ me interviewed about Fast Sails for the Jackson Award blog. (I hope “spurned” doesn’t mean Charles Tan has inside info about the winners.) Ann: “I understand the appeal of doing anthologies purely by invitation only, but in doing so you run the risk of all anthologies being exactly the same, with the same writers. Pirates is also a broad theme and we were determined to create a book that showed diversity.”

Strange Horizons reviewed Fast Ships, Black Sails. “It was a delight to discover that the bulk of the strongest stories from the anthology have been written by female writers, updating the idea of the pirate story with commentary on gender and sexuality.”

Advance Booklife review by Charles Tan. “ooklife covers a niche that’s otherwise unavailable in other books for writers, and features advice that writers of any level will find useful.”

I interview Jay Lake, briefly, about the Asian influence on Green.

The Washington Post book blog runs a short piece on Shared Worlds. So did Joe Sherry and Larry at OFBlog, who shares some of his own fantastical experiences. (And others, too–thanks to all; I’ve just lost the thread a little, what with all the kerfuffle about the giant rodent this week.)

And, finally, it appears the Romanian edition of my Predator novel is now out. I haven’t seen it yet, nor heard from the editor in months.


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  1. teaver says:

    Wow. I can’t believe Mieville lost to a capybara.

    And look here, a Polish edition of Veniss Underground:

  2. Coral Waters says:

    People love capybaras!

    You should come to Austin on your tour. We have a cool bookstore, Book People (, that a lot of authors come to to do signings and readings. And you can meet Caplin. It seems the two of you make a pretty good team. :)

  3. Jeff VanderMeer says:

    I wish I could! Gotta do West Coast/East Coast this time. But I’ve been to Austin several times now, and read at Book People, so I’m sure I’ll be back!! I’d love to meet Caplin.

  4. Baltimore! Do it.

  5. Glad I found your article on bing when I was surfing the web. Good STUFF!

  6. Waco Texas says:

    WOW! I thought that capybara was real! I’m glad we don’t have those in Waco, Texas! Thanks for the post.

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