Last Drink Bird Head: An October Surprise

Cover design by Jacob McMurray, art by Scott Eagle, the devilish surrealist. The first release from my newly woken Ministry of Whimsy Press, with information up soon on the site of our new protector, Wyrm Publishing. A planned October release in a limited hardcover edition.

Contributors include Michael Bishop, Gene Wolfe, Tanith Lee, Peter Straub, Stephen R. Donaldson, Michael Swanwick, Henry Kaiser, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Bruce Holland Rogers, Conrad Williams, Daniel Abraham, Ellen Kushner, Holly Phillips, Jay Lake, K.J. Bishop, Jon Courtney Grimwood, Sonya Taaffe, Tim Pratt, Sarah Monette, Rikki Ducornet, Nick Mamatas, Nicholas Royle, Marly Youmans, Liz Williams, Brian Evenson, Steve Aylett, Cat Rambo, Richard Butner, and a ton of others….

And below, the original inspiration for the anthology, art by Eric Schaller (which will serve as the fronticepiece). I did a short piece based on the art for Secret Life Redux, which may or may not go in the anthology. Then Matt Cheney did a smart-ass piece based on the name of the art, Last Drink Bird Head, and then a lightbulb clicked on in my head. Now it’s a charity antho for literacy coming out just in time for World Fantasy. (Right now, plans are to have a party after the opening ceremonies, Thursday night, called Last Drink Bird Head that celebrates the release of Finch, Booklife, LDBH, a new Weird Tales, and, erm, some probable surprises.)

5 comments on “Last Drink Bird Head: An October Surprise

  1. Xelgaex says:

    I wondered when I was reading BAF whether the thumbnail-ish art was taken from larger works or created as it appeared on the cover. Now I have my answer, for one thumbnail at least.

  2. Hellbound Heart says:

    whoah, surreal artworks……

    peace and love…

  3. Last Drink is yer friend…just not a friend you’d invite home for dinner.

  4. What a great cover! I’m glad I’m going to be at World Fantasy this year — thank goodness it’s in my neck of the woods.

    Bring your signing hand, Jeff; I’ve got quite a few things that I’ll be asking you to add your John Hancock to.

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