“The Situation” and Fast Ships Finalists for the Shirley Jackson Award


I’m thrilled that “The Situation” is a finalist for a Shirley Jackson Award. You can read the novelette on GeekDad/Wired and you can still buy the PS Publishing book of it in the 500-copy version, I believe.

Congrats to Ann for Fast Ships, Black Sails being up in the anthology category–she did most of the reading on that one! Congrats to Conrad Williams for his story from the pirate antho also being up. Congrats, in fact, to all of the nominees. Some really cool stuff on there.

(Full cover art by Scott Eagle, without titles, for the PS Publishing edition of “The Situation”.)

12 comments on ““The Situation” and Fast Ships Finalists for the Shirley Jackson Award

  1. Bravo; finally got round to reading The Situation a few weeks ago, and I can only conclude that you’ve worked some jobs that were even shittier than some of mine… :)

  2. Jonathan K. Stephens says:


    Very nice to see a couple of my favorite books from last year get some more well-deserved critical acclaim. Heartiest congratulations to you both.


  3. DC Black says:

    Well, I’ve only read three of the books listed: ‘The Situation’, ‘Fast Ships..’, and ‘Dangerous laughter’ – all three are highly deserving of the honor and I would recommend. Any recommendations for other books on that list that I should add to my TBR list?

  4. Anne S says:

    Congratulations all round! Hope you win, and make Jackson even more proud.

  5. Bill Ectric says:

    But what if the Shirley Jackson Award winner is chosen by lottery? And if you win, a bunch of people chase you around town with paintball guns? What then? I’m just asking.

  6. Ah…memories of HS Honors English…where we put a huge black dot on a piece of paper and left it for the teacher.

  7. Bill Ectric says:

    The maxim is true, Barbara – the smarter the students, the more devious…

  8. Congratulations to you both.

    Mord should have won last year…

  9. Fabio says:

    Congratulations!!!! I still hope to get The Situation published in Portuguese! (Of course I wish I could also publish Fast Sails – and Steampunk, and The New Weird…. Keep your fingers crossed!)

  10. Fábio: Are you working on anything by Jeff? I’m translating City of Saints & Madmen and would love to compare notes if you are, too.

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