Finch in 24 Hours

What an amazing day of writing. Everything I turned my hand to on Finch came out golden. Every last thing. It was one of those days I’ll remember for a long time. My head was so clear I could see an amazing distance, yet also focus in on tiny details. Characters gave me that little extra they needed to. I felt like I was on fire. I went for a hike and seven new great ideas blew the back off of my head. Twenty-four hours from turning it in (except for little copy-edits) and I’m feeling good.

I almost feel like I was typing it on this bad boy:

Finch cleared space on his desk. Brought the typewriter over. One of the best models Hoegbotton had ever made. A hulking twenty-pound monster that reminded Finch just what Ambergris could accomplish back in the day. Hundreds of thousands had been shipped out to cities up and down the River Moth. “Combat-ready” went the slogan, and it wasn’t a joke.

Yee-haw. And huge props to Ann for reading stuff remotely from Amsterdam today and to Tessa Kum, who just about single-handedly helped me re-think one of the characters.

P.S. So happy I’m indulging in the joy of stomping bubble wrap. While listening to The Afghan Whigs’ “Going to Town” turned up loud enough to smash the windows.

10 comments on “Finch in 24 Hours

  1. Jay Lake says:

    Very glad to hear it. I know you’ve been running a little rough since your trip to Oz.

  2. Mark Teppo says:

    Congratulations on surviving the final push. Such excellent news.

  3. Gratz. Bubble wrap is awesome. Can’t wait.

  4. jere7my says:

    Congratulations, mixed with envy, topped with one of those little umbrellas.

  5. Larry says:

    I love days like those, where you feel the world’s song and you can sing it back clearly and make it even better to behold. Congrats on making it to the finish line! :D

  6. ennisdrake says:


  7. undeadbydawn says:


    were the hell is that Finch poster I was promised?

    keep it up, dude. You are a living lesson in quality writing.

  8. Jeff VanderMeer says:

    Hey, thanks, all.
    Yeah, Jay, things are much better.
    Turned in Finch today.

  9. Ennis Drake says:

    PS: I went and dusted off my Afghan Whigs albums. I haven’t listened to them in years. Aside from an old friend, you’re the only other person on the planet I’ve ever seen reference them. Shit, _I’d_ forgotten all about them.

    How are you on some Sonic Youth? Seaweed? A little Face to Face?

    If you like AW’s Up In It, you’ll love Eric’s Trip. Love Tara is the album I own. Worth listening to.

  10. Bill Ectric says:

    It’s great when it all comes together, and you know how hard you worked, and you have that glow of accomplishment, so you take a little time to socialize and relax before turning to the next project. So cool.

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