Eric Orchard Graphic Novel Collaboration: The Situation

Some really exciting news: Artist Eric Orchard and I are creating a graphic novel version of my novelette “The Situation,” (from PS Publishing and GeekDad/Wired in 2008) for publication on over the summer. Thanks to Liz Gorinsky, the acquiring editor. (You can find Eric’s online portfolio here and his new Meta Chronicles: A History of Anachronisms blog here.) Eric has published picture books or covers with Scholastic, Top Shelf, Biblioasis,Orca and Nimbus. Eric and I plan to collaborate on a couple of book-length projects as soon as we clear a few other deadlines.

I am practically delirious with excitement about collaborating with Mr. Orchard. He’s not only got a great imagination and sense of play, he’s someone who gets things done and we communicate well. This is so much fun. He and I will probably post more in-progress work closer to publication.

Here are a couple more rough sketches from Eric’s preliminary work on “The Situation”. Keep in mind that everything is subject to change.

11 comments on “Eric Orchard Graphic Novel Collaboration: The Situation

  1. Rick Klaw says:

    Sweet! That’ll be fun.

  2. Sir Tessa says:

    Skweeee! Trés magnifique! Can’t wait to see the fish.

  3. Larry says:

    Cool! If this turns out well, would there be a chance of a future print publication of this graphic novel adaptation?

  4. Joe says:

    Great news, Jeff, you know I’ve been eager to see you dipping your toes into the Ninth Art for ages, will seriously look forward to this. Hope you don’t mind me borrowing one of Eric’s sketches here, but I’m gagging to shout this out on the FP blog as well :-)

  5. I’m sure Eric won’t mind at all! He and I have been having a hard time keeping it to ourselves ever since we started talking about it.

    Larry–yes, an expanded version.


  6. It´s interesting idea. These sketches look absolutely perfect. I hope, that you will realize your idea. I´m curious about this. Good luck! (I illustrated the story „The Situation“ to the Czech magazine Ikarie. Is it the same story?)

  7. Dominik–yes, it is the same story. I cannot remember if they sent me a copy or not. I will look on the shelf right now. Jeff

  8. Eric does extraordinary work. This is going to be a great collaboaration, I think.

  9. This is awesome news, I can’t believe I missed it!

    I think that as a novella it’ll probably take to adaptation better than longer forms would, so it’s an inspired move in a lot of ways.

  10. Beautiful stuff. Best of luck on this!

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