Guest Blogging in Review: From O’Connell to Bradford

(Evidence of me wrongly messing with my guest bloggers–sending Cat Rambo, anonymously, a copy of Twilight with a special inscription after her post about the books. Followed by her initial response and my frantic emails to say it was a joke, which led to this. I still feel somewhat guilty – Jeff)

As promised, here’s a short summary of the guest blogging from June through early December, while I was working on the novel and traveling. In the interests of not driving myself crazy, I’ve picked my favorite post from each week and linked to them below. In some cases, I’ve chosen a second one I thought didn’t get enough attention the first time around. You can easily check out other posts from a particular week by accessing the archive.

In putting this post together, I felt a sense of intense pride about Ecstatic Days playing host to so many wonderful and interesting voices. A heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you.

In blogging order, then, I give you:

Jack O’Connell On the Significance of Notebooks

Michelle Richmond The Thought Crossed My Mind that I Might Have Slept With Him

Fábio FernandesOn Being the other

Catherynne M. Valente How to Write a Novel in 30 Days

Ekaterina Sedia What Makes You Stop Reading a Review?

Matt StaggsDebate on Fantasy Literature

Horia UrsuThe Truth About Me and Other Memories

Richard NashThe Customer Is Always Wrong

Meg Gardiner Promises and Deadlines

Minister FaustSumming Up Minister Faust (okay, I’m cheating here–I couldn’t pick just one)

John LanganA Few Words on Charles Grant

Cat RamboWhy the Twilight Series Bugs Me (Note also Meghan McCarron’s Some Things Twilight Says Are Awesome But They Are Not Awesome At All)

Interlude: Penguin Pumping

Vandana SinghThe Creatures We Don’t See and In Search of Indian SF

Sir TessaThe Pirate/Ninja Scripts (this is a link to the first page of posts, scroll down, because you need to follow them in order)

Will HindmarchThe Thing About Zombies

David MolesA Change of Clothes (the first of a series of interrelated posts–well-worth reading)

Jukka HalmeReading Finnish Speculative Fiction

Tero YkspetäjäTop Five Reasons Finnish is Cooler than English and Finnish Fanzines

Cherie PriestEveryone Else Is Doing It

Megan McCarronKids Books for Hipsters

Mark TeppoUrban Fantasy Is All About Magic and Every Man and Woman Is a Star (about Crowley)

Interlude Flashback: Felix Gilman Attacked by Hamster

Felix GilmanTest Case: Pirates and Period Steampunk

K. Tempest BradfordDear SF Writers: Quit This Sh**

6 comments on “Guest Blogging in Review: From O’Connell to Bradford

  1. Larry says:

    Felix needs to be attacked next by squirrels, chipmunks, and groundhogs. It’d make for a nice sequel arrangement. Nice memories from these posts, although the hamster one is sticking out more.

  2. A belated thank you for featuring this great swath of awesomeness — I got to discover some spiffy new regular reads.

  3. Larry says:

    And having just re-read the entire Twilight bit right now, I’m struck by two things: 1) Nick’s anal sex comment is even funnier the more I’ve learned about Meyer’s series, and 2) Amusing/sad to what lengths rabid fans will go…over a month after everyone else had moved on.

  4. Thanks for giving me the keys and letting me steer. It was a blast.

    Sorry for driving the blog into that FedEx truck and destroying the rhino that was being delivered to you for the launch of Predator: South China Sea. I know you wanted it to explode in your yard, not on the freeway.

    And I will find that photo of me dressed in Starfleet regalia, I swear.

  5. Meg:

    Yes, that whole freeway thing was embarrassing. :)

    When you find it, I will be happy to post or cross post to it.


  6. sinema says:

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