Jake Von Slatt/VanderMeer Steampunk Book from Artisan

(John Coulthart’s Steampunk design based on my equation)

As you may know if you’ve visited Jake Von Slatt’s livejournal today, Jake and I have sold a book on Steampunk to Artisan Books. It’ll be a highly visual exploration of Steampunk that emphasizes Jake’s experience and perspective creating his amazing Steampunk Workshop projects. I’m delighted Jake took me on as his partner for this adventure and I’m looking forward to the collaboration. The final book should be an honest, sincere look at Steampunk–including the gritty “punk”/DIY part of that word–and include lots of illustrations and photographs.

Sincere thanks to Matt Staggs for his role early on as well as to Jake’s agent Marc Gerald and mine, Howard Morhaim.

Update: A wonderful day at the California Steampunk convention. Chatting with Nathan from Abney Park, coffee and an interview with Greg Broadmore, dinner with Jake, Jill Roberts, Paul Young, and Gareth, the very cool editor of Make magazine. Among many other highlights. A complete report when we get back Wednesday.

(Jake Von Slatt)

9 comments on “Jake Von Slatt/VanderMeer Steampunk Book from Artisan

  1. Sir Tessa says:

    Indeed, you and you and you rock.

  2. David Moles says:

    So, the important question: What kind of Victorian hat are you going to wear for your author photo?

  3. jeff vandermeer says:

    Ha! Jake already asked me where my top hat was.

    I think I will be that Decadent outcast from steampunk who wears black, tshirts, and sarcastically presages the rise of goth.

  4. wesley says:

    i understand that you are the steampunk king and i just wanted to know a little more about it and what to do with it

  5. Outstanding quest there. What occurred after? Good

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